Scared to death (OT)-not preggo related!

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Scared to death (OT)-not preggo related!

So, I know alot of you have picked up that DH works nights. 3-4 nights a wk, I am home alone with DS. I have an alarm system that I turn on EVERY night. If DH comes home from work early, he has to call or text me before he can come in so I can turn it off. Tonight, I was woke up around 1:30-1:45 by a knock on my door. I had no porch lights on, just me and DS. I jump up and look at my phone to make sure I hadn't slept through the call or something. No missed calls or texts. Call DH and guess what...he's still at work. So, there's some random person knocking on my door in the wee hours of the morning and I have no lights on outside. DH called his dad and asked him to come see who it was (he lives 5 min away) and called me back. Stayed on the phone with me the whole time. In the process, I load the pistol and pray that I don't have to use it. There is a car at the end of my driveway with lights on so they weren't trying to hide. So, FIL gets here and I go outside with the gun behind my back. It is a guy that had had a blow out with his tire and was changing it. Don't know if he knocked to let us know he was there or to see if we had a better jack or something. First off, I live in the south. Secondly, we are in the country. Lastly, who the hell is brave enough to knock on someone's door at this hour. You WILL get greeted with a gun in your face. If DH was here, that's exactly what would have happened. So, now it's 2:30 and I'm up. And now I'm contracting again. Nothing real regular right now. I'm sure it's just from hormones being crazy from the scare. Gonna eat a snack and try to go back to sleep. Crazy folks!

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Wow that is scary.. Glad everything turned out ok and I hope your contractions have stoped.

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Melissa, I am so sorry this happened to you. That is terrifying I think I would have had that baby right then and here out of pure fear. What a blessing that your FIL is close by enough and could check things for you. So scary.


I hope your contractions settled and you were able to get back to sleep Sad

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Yikes! Sorry you had a scary night! That is really nice that your FIL is close enough to come help you!

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I would have been scared too and you are right.. if that person had shown up at my MIL's house they would have had a gun in their face to greet them! LOL

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I finally got back to sleep but contractions haven't stopped. I don't think it will be much longer before Baby Carter is here. I didn't get to get my pedi yesterday but I have an appt in a couple of hours for one. Gotta get my toes cute for D day!!!

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oh goodness! That IS scary! Good thing you have a gun! my dh and i want to invest in one because we live in the city, and people are always getting robbed around here (hopefully we are moving away from this sh**hole soon!!) but anyways, you're right. who in their right mind would think its ok to knock on someones door in the middle of the night??! yuck! anyways one time at my old apartment, it was late at night and dh and I were talking in the hallway, most of the lights were off, we were about to go to bed, and someone started trying to break in to our guest bedroom, dh went in there and turned the light on and the guy ran away. *shivvers* I was so freaked out! i hate stupid people!!

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Yikes! Glad everything is okay. That is last the thing you need right now!

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HOW SCARY :eek: My DH is gone every 3rd night, I would have been SO scared if that happened when he was gone. Glad everything turned out OK.

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I would have been scared to death. I've had that happen twice & once it was the police but I didn't know that. He almost got a gun in his face. LOL so glad u had help. Hope the contractions slow down.

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I'm still a little freaked out today. But, I guess I'm going to have to go shoot that gun and get used to it just in case something like this happens again. I don't want to be scared of the gun I'm shooting.

As far as contractions, I'm still contracting. They are irregular but they are there. I don't know how much longer I can do this.

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Yikes thats scary glad everything was ok..
Hope your contractions slow down and you can get some sleep.

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That would have scared me too! Glad your FIL was able to check on you.

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Wow, I would have been scared too! I've called dh to send people when people are at my door during the middle of the day Lol We too live in the country and you just don't normally get knocks on your door from random strangers, i can't imagine how freaked out I would have been in the middle of the night all alone!