It seems as though...

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It seems as though...

I can't sleep in our master bed anymore. Sad If you all remember, I posted on Tuesday about how awful my lower belly hurt when I woke up. Well, that night and the next 2 nights, I slept in the guest bed (it's a sleep number bed and I can adjust the firmness of the bed). DH still slept in our bed and got up with the kids... who each woke like once a night (not every night, but a couple of the nights). I slept great and my sides didn't hurt anymore, but my hips and thighs are still falling alseep and just ache when I wake up. Last night, I tried to sleep with DH in our master bed again and made it about 2 1/2 hours before my sides started to hurt when I flipped over, so I got up and moved to the guest bed and felt better and finally slept solidly. But, this morning I'm sore again on my sides, not nearly as sore as Tuesday morning, but still sore. I guess our master bed is just too hard for me now. Sad And somehow flipping over, pulls the muscles all along the sides of my belly. I'm sad I can't sleep in our bedroom... and now have to decide if I'm going to let DH sleep with me in the queen sized guest bed or make him sleep all alone in the king master bed for the next 5 weeks.

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Bummer! If it makes you feel better, dh and I fit fine in our bed and it's just a queen. We can't fit a king and our furniture in our bedroom. Lol Glad you found something that helps relieve the pain though. I have definitely been waking up with aching hips lately

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The problem with the queen with both of us is that DH is a snuggler and loves to be right next to me... but, I cannot sleep with him touching me, especially now being so preggo. So, I end up sleeping right on the edge of the bed which makes everything worse... so he's just going to have to sleep alone. Wink He migrates next to me as he sleeps and doesn't realize he's "pushing" me out of the bed!

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bummer. I still have a hand me down bed that a friend gave me that I've had for 7 years, so the thing is probably 20 years old. LOL lucky you to have a master bed AND a sleep number bed. I say sleep wherever you are comfy and make DH sleep with you Smile

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I ended up in the spare room my last 2 pregnancies. I am missing that option this's room took over our spare room. I would say sleep where you are most comfy Smile Before you know it baby will be here and you can move back in to your master room! Some days I'm ready to move down to the recliner because of DH's tossing and turning. I would do just about anything for a full nights sleep.