Shaylynn pictures

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Shaylynn pictures

Sorry it has taken so long, but I finally got some pictures of Shaylynn on the computer and resized.

First time meeting baby sister:

Finally deciding he kind of likes his baby sister once we got home:

The first time he gave baby sissy a kiss:

And a picture from today, 6 days old:

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she's adorable!

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So cute!

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Awe... what a cutiepie! Love that last outfit!

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Great pictures! Tts!

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She's beautiful!!!

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too cute!!!

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Too cute Smile

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She is very cute. I love the name!

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Adorable! Thanks for sharing!

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Hello gorgeous!

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So the pics!!!!!

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adorable! love the little bow

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Aww what a cutie! Love the pics with the little bow in her hair, super cute!