SHOOTING pain on inside of my theighs, in hooha area!!

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SHOOTING pain on inside of my theighs, in hooha area!!

What the heck are these?? Probably just baby hitting a nerve right?? not contractions right?

I was standing there making my boys some strawberry milk and im standing at the kitchen counter and its like BAM! PAIN! and my legs buckle. I keep

I don't recall this with DS1 & DS2.

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I'm not too sure as to what might be causing this but if it persist than I would call your doctor.

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One of the ladies in my centering group who is due in a week said she felt something like that until she started dilating (currently 2cm). After that it felt much better.

But I don't know what it is and if it persists, I agree you should call just in case.

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Baby's probably just hitting a nerve. Like I said on FB, cat/cow yoga stretches will help to get baby to move for a bit. Basically it's hands and knees. Do it a few times a day alternating with arching your back up and down slowly. This also helps a bit with lower back pain.

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I have no advice as I havent felt this but hope it feels better!!
and I agree with the ladies call the dr if it continues.

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My mom told me about how my brother would always kick a nerve around her spine & the same thing would happen it would buckle her legs

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yeah it was probably just the baby hitting a nerve. it lasted about 2 hrs last night, at one point I was holding DS2 and my legs buckled I had to put him down I was worried I'd drop him. my hips and inside of thighs are sore this morning but luckily i havent felt the shooting pains again. hopefully it stopped.

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Oh yes! I get these almost once or twice a week. Usually when I've been sitting for a while like in the car. I stand up and ooosh! The pain is a stabbing pain from my lower belly below my belly button. When I lift my leg it shoots down my you know what. I always have to stop walking for a few seconds then walk very slowly.

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I get the shooting pains in my cervix, not my thighs though. I am pretty sure it's baby hitting a nerve, at least that's what it feels like to me.