Shopping at Babies R Us... FINALLY!

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Shopping at Babies R Us... FINALLY!

I finally talked DH into taking me to Babies R Us yesterday morning with the two littles to add a few things to our gift registry and pick up a few essential items for baby. Since this is baby #3, there is actually very little that we needed that I haven't even perused a baby aisle or baby store yet. And here we are... down to 30 days I just NEEDED to go to the store and get a few things and just walk through all the baby gear and look at all the new stuff they've come out with since we had our other kids. So, DH was a good sport and we spent about an hour and a half looking through the store. I added a few little zebra accessories and safety items to the registry. And we bought some baby hangers, 1 pkg of nb natural disposable diapers (we'll use cloth after that one pkg is up), and baby soap/lotion/diaper creme. So we are set! It felt so good to actually feel like we went shopping for the baby! Now I think we are pretty much ready for D-Day here!

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Fun! I actually went myself the other day for the first time this pregnancy. I need to go back to get a few more hangers.

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awesome! I am going shopping today at babies r us to get a swing and bouncer and a few things I didn't get on my registry. I have coupons! so i am excited!! LOL

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Yes, I have a few items that I need to pick up from there or just order from them online. Realizing that I have ~2.5 wks is making this alot more really to if DH would open his eyes and see it the same way :eek:

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that's so much fun!!!

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How exciting I still.have to get the baby monitor yet but I think that is all.

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I cannot tell you all how happy it made me to go to the store to just shop for the baby... Silly, I know.

DH and I got a few other things knocked out this morning as well. I stripped the infant carseat/travel system and washed all the cloth parts. They are drying and hopefully will be ready to re-assemble tomorrow. We moved the baby dresser from the basement to the walk-in closet of the guest room, which we will turn into the nursery after the 1st of the year, and I organized all her onesies and blankets and clothes. I hung a bunch of her 0-3 month sleepers using the new hangers. Smile We moved the changing table from DD1's room to our bedroom and I need to take all her cloth diapers out of it since she is now potty-trained (except for night time) and stock it with all the newborn/small cloth diapers that I prepped a few weeks ago. DH washed up the baby bathtub for me as well! I just need to sterilize my breast pump and bottle parts and wipe down baby toys/equipment and pack the hospital bag and we'll be completely ready... I think (besides still trying to fix the cradle).

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SOunds like fun!!!!!!!
R babies r us here isnt very good I found it very disapointing and over priced.

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What a productive weekend you've had! Way to go!

I've been to BRU several times in the last couple weeks (ordering/picking up/exchanging crib parts- long story) and they are having a big sale on clothes. A ton of stuff is 30-70% off. I told DH he should be proud that I have shown restraint and haven't bought a single thing! :biglaugh:

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Good Job! I love the zebra theme!

I don't really need anything but now that I am off work, I might go and browse!

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I shop a lot at BRU. I have a bunch of 20% off one item coupons so I make a few trips a week. In fact, I'm making one today.

The one thing I was really excited about BRU? I had been having trouble finding nursing gowns. Motherhood was completely sold out of my size in stores and online. I went to BRU and they had a large selection of nursing wear and I was able to find ones in my size.

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