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Shopping Cart Covers

...are on sale at They are $17.99 and the beset thing I have purchased for Kelly. They seriously cover the entire cart area that you babe could possibly touch. The only place it was a stretch was at Target because their carts are a little different. GO BUY ONE IF YOU HAVE EVER THOUGHT YOU WANTED ONE!!!!

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I got given one and have never used it.


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That's a good deal for anyone who wants one.

I bought one from Target for Brandon. I used it a few times when he first started going in the cart, but it ended up being too much of a hassle so I stopped bothering (plus I used to wear him so much he never needed to go in the cart). All the stores we go to have the wipes to wipe down the cart so I just do that. I also heard you have to wash those constantly because they get just as filthy as the carts...kind of like what they're saying now about the reusable shopping bags.

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I still use mine with my 2.5 year old.

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I like ours because it had loops on it for attaching toys. Kept DD entertained and distracted for a while. I don't mind the washing part. I am going to be washing cloth diapers anyway.

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We have one as well from DS. We used it all the time when he as younger, while shopping or even to cover the high chairs at a restaurant. I didn't mind washing it.

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I have one but it was too much of a hassle for me, I do wipe down the cart though and I'll probably bring the cart cover back out when this LO is just starting to sit since it provides a bit more cushion in case they tip over Lol