And since im feeling chatty today..

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And since im feeling chatty today..

we came up with a name that we both like. last saturday we did alot of name sharing that neither of us liked. We did come up with a name we both liked, but my attitude was it will work until i think of something else. BUT, DH loves it (its either that or brook) and he informed me that is the name he wants. the more i think about it, them more i think the name is PERFECT. Whew, i got alot accomplished the last few days LOL

So our daughter will be named Kendra Marie.


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Yay! I've always loved the name Kendra. So pretty!

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Very nice!

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the only Kendra i ever heard of is the playboy bunny LMAO...and no, that is not where i got the name from HAHAH

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Great name!! What a relief too, and now you can get cute little personalized things Biggrin

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That's a very pretty name!

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My cousin married a Kendra and she's a wonderful person. Great name, and not that common either!

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That is a beautiful name!

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Very nice name...

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How nice to have that decided and out of the way!

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LOVE it!!