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Is anyone getting any? Because I'm sure not! I thought things were turning around because they were only getting up once a night but now they decided I was getting too much sleep because they are waking up every 2-3 hrs. Luckily they're cute, so it makes up for the lack of sleep Wink

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Last night was my worst night in a while. Alice decided yesterday during nap that she finally doesn't want to be swaddled anymore. Last night she would go to sleep fine but wake every 1-1.5 hours. And she didn't really wake, she was crying in her sleep.

She is also teething and on the verge of crawling, otherwise I would be considering CIO at this point.

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we no sleepy here, either. 2-3 hours. I have only had a few nights (not recently) where she went a 5 hour stretch. I'm tempted to fight her with her crib use (she's mostly in bed with us) to see if it will improve, but we have so many plans to visit MIL (1 hour away) this summer, and there's no room for a crib, so she HAS to sleep with me there. Every time I think about it, it seems like a pointless waste of my time cause I'd have to do it all over again after returning from a visit there.

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Around 8.5-9 months is when we had some sleep issues with DD1, too. Eventually we did our own form of CIO, which for us was extremely successful.

DD2 is actually doing pretty well in the sleep department these days; better than she had been! *knock on wood*

Hope everyone gets some sleep soon!

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Things are finally starting to get better for us. When we got back from Cabo it was AWFUL. He was waking every 2 hours and neither of us were sleeping much. It was so bad we had to walk on eggshells in our room because we were scared of waking him up. Chris had to go on a trip up north and I finally decided something needed to be done. I switched him into the crib and he did fuss just a bit but he went to sleep. After that he started going 3-4 hour stretches but he was able to be soothed back to sleep (we have a sound/light machine and/or I would rub his back). Then a miracle happened and he decided he wanted to start eating a good amount of solids and we got on a routine (4 8-oz. bottles a day and three solid meals) and he suddenly started sleeping decent stretches. The last two weeks he has been sleeping (minus a few whacky days) most of the night, 8-5 or on a really good day 8-6. He occasionally wakes at 4 but the last week he's been sleeping until at least 5 and then he'll go back down. He's up for good at 6.

I'm still not sleeping as well because I'm still pumping, but things have been better for us, we have our bed back, and my husband is much happier. I hope the trend continues because Brandon didn't get to this point until he was 15 months or so. We've been through a few sleep regressions so far though so I'm a little wary of this lasting.

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We occasionally sleep here, which is better than it was, but still not great. Ronan will sometimes sleep through the night, but more often than not is still waking up (and wanting to eat) throughout the night. Right now I think teething is bothering him. Other than that, I think he's just a ravenous beast. He will nurse 4-6 times a day, plus eat 3 large solid food meals, plus an occasional snack. When I say large, we're talking the same portion size as what I eat... I think he has a hollow leg. I told DH the other day that I don't think he's ever going to sleep through the night consistently. He's going to be sixteen and come into our room at 3am to ask me to make him a sandwich. Wink

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What does CIO stand for?

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"SoniaNoemi138" wrote:

What does CIO stand for?

Cry it out.