Sleeping arrangements with baby?

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Sleeping arrangements with baby?

I have seen people mention what their different sleeping arrangements will be after LOs arrive, but I thought it would be interesting to really see what everyone is planning.

What is your plan? What works for your family? nursery? Your room? Crib? co-cleeper? bassinet? Pack and play?

It really is amazing how many different options there are for sleeping arrangements. What's your plan?

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We'll have a bassinet in our room for the first couple of weeks, then baby will be in his own room.

It worked out really well that way with DS, but I know that every baby is different, so we'll see how this plan will have to be adjusted once he's actually here!

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The twins will be sleeping in our room for awhile, we just bought a full sized co-sleeper (I'm really excited about it) but after their sleeping pattern is stablized some they will share a room with Izzy.

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Typically we co-sleep for the first few weeks, at least until they fall asleep, then we attempt to put them down.

I have a bedside co-sleeper that I got while preg with Daniel cause the bassinet didn't work with Jacob, and I used it a LOT, esp during the day for naps. After baby has given us a decent stretch at night, I will transfer to crib in the nursery and nurse the baby in the rocking chair in the room and put him or her back in the crib again.

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I have a bassinet for the bedroom, but also registered for a co-sleeper (the kind that goes in the bed) for after DH leaves (he is going to be deployed). I'm going to try keeping the baby in our room for at least the first 6 weeks, then transition to his own room. It all depends on how good of a sleeper he ends up being.

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Our plan is cradle in our room for about 6-7 weeks. With H I slept in the spare room with her in the cradle for that length of time b/c she cluster fed for the first 6 weeks from midnight to 6 am every night. With DH getting up for work I felt he needed his sleep so I slept in the spare room. That spare room is now going to be the baby's room, so he's out of luck this time, baby will be in with us! By 8 weeks I hope to have the baby in his/her own room in the crib.

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We are buying a crib for our LO to place in our bedroom with us. The bedroom is pretty big so I don't foresee any issues.

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Baby will be in our room in a pnp for at least the first four or five months and then he'll go to the nursery. The nursery is on the opposite side of the house so I don't want to make the long trip over there for feedings in the middle of the night. Our room is pretty big and we have a couch in there as well as the glider so we'll be all set for midnight feedings/wakings. We may co-sleep instead of the pnp but I'm not sure just yet. Brandon was an awful sleeper so he spent most of his first year with us in our room. Maybe this one will surprise me. Naps will be in his crib or in the second pnp in the living room. Brandon was a swaddled baby, he absolutely loved it, so I'm hoping this one will be too.

I wanted the co-sleeper but our bed is too high even with the height extenders.

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I'm going to have a pnp in my room for a bit. Not sure how long though. It will depend on him. I will let him nap in his crib during the day.

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Bassinet in our room for the first little bit. DD was in it until 12 weeks but that is because we weren't done her room. She slept so much better in the other room than with us that I will move this one over sooner if seems like both of us are having lousy sleep.

I hate nursing in bed so i always got up and went to the couch. Having them in the room or down the hall never made much difference in convenience.

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Bassinet in our room for the first 4-6 months and then transition to the nursery.

Naps in the crib from day 1.

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My parents got me an Arm's Reach Co-sleeper! I am excited about that, last time I just had the PNP in our room, but I am looking forward to being able to reach next to me in bed to feel her without having to get up and reach over side of PNP.

Mason was in our room for about 7 months, I imagine we will do about the same with this one.

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We're getting a mini crib for our room and baby will sleep in that for who knows how long. I'd prefer baby in his own room but we only have 3 bedrooms and DS is not a heavy sleeper and that's really the only other bedroom he'd fit into so our room it is. I'm hoping he'll start sleeping through the night by 6 months and we can put him in with DS then...but we'll see, only one of my kids has been sleeping through the night by that point.
Baby will nap in the crib from the start, or at least after the first few weeks. With my kids it seems it is better for their sleep in the long run if they don't nap in swings/bouncers since then they get used to sleeping in their crib. My plan is to swaddle too, but DS *hated* being swaddled so we'll see what kind of personality this LO has.

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We have a 3 bedroom house, and one bedroom is our computer room.

My currently 9 month old is in the other bedroom.

This little one will be in a bassinet and then a pack n play for probably 6ish months. Of course, with most of those nights making it into bed with us because we fall asleep with baby in bed and baby stays all night. Blum 3

If baby is a girl, we will have to move our computer stuff up to the loft and do a LOT of rearranging. If baby is a boy, he will room with the new baby. We don't want to purchase another crib, so hopefully J will be out of the crib by the time we need it. Smile

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We'll probably do the same thing/something similar to what we did with DD. Baby will be a pack n' play right outside our bedroom door at night (in the bonus room) since there's not a lot of extra space in our room. Naps will be in the crib. I moved DD to her crib at night when she was about 2 months, because she slept better in there and at that point was only waking up to eat once in the night, so it wasn't a big deal to have her a little farther away. We'll wait and see how this little guy does, but I'll probably do the same thing- move him to the crib at night when he gets to the point where he's just waking up once.

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Has been, always will be a crib in my room at the end of my bed. I don't believe in co-sleeping where the baby is in our bed. Baby always sleeps in the crib, unless we're somewhere like the inlaws for an extended period of time "holidays mostly" then we bring our playpen. During the day they're out to eat, have interraction etc, then when they fall asleep, they're carried up to bed.

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The current plan (subject to change based on reality) is to have baby in a crib sharing a room with big sister.

If that turns out to be a disastrous plan, we may move the crib (or use a bassinet) in our room.

I'd like to have the kids share a room as soon as possible, to get them both used to it, but obviously if neither of them are getting any sleep, then we'll revisit the idea.

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We will keep baby in a bassinet for who knows how long. DD moved into her crib in her room at a week old and I regret it. She ate every two hours and it was torture for me. So if dh is needing more sleep, I'll move into the nursery with the baby until it is waking less.

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Baby will be in a cradle in our room next to my side of the bed for 4-6ish months and then move into her own nursery after that once we change the guest room to the nursery. Naps will be in the cradle until we get the nursery put together, which I'm hoping is around Christmas time.

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Bassinette (co-sleeping - it has a drop side and fastens to the big bed) next to me until she outgrows it or starts STTN. Brayden was in it until 9 months old. Then she'll move to her room. I KNOW I will NOT do well having to trek down the hall to feed her multiple times a night, and if Brayden is any indication, that will go on for a LOOOOONG time (13.5 months of every 3 hour feedings for him)


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we're probably going to try the same thing we did with DD. we have a bassinet we'll use if it works for LO(it did not for DD). we also have an inbed cosleeper that i looooved with DD we will use for the first few weeks or so if need be. DD has reflux so that made me more at ease having her right next to me versus if she was in the bassinet across the bedroom and got sick i was afraid i would wake to it. we had DD in our room with us until she was about 4months old(in the in bed cosleeper) then she went to her crib in the nursery once she too mobile for the coleeper.

the in bed cosleeper has 6inch walls to keep baby in and to keep parents from rolling on them and we used that for along time, i think untill she just about got physically too big to sleep comfy in it.

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Pnp in our room for about the first month then hope to transfer him into his crib in his room I'm hoping to let him nap during the day in his crib. But I guess it will all depend on baby.

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I'd love to say that I'm going to use the cosleeper we were just given- but chances are, baby will sleep with us until he's about two and I get tired enough to kick him out of my bed Wink

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I'm pretty sure we are going to use the bassinet again this time in our room. DH is a super sound sleeper and on the heavier side so we don't co-sleep in bed until baby is old enough to crawl around, and even thn it only happens when I accidentally fall asleep nursing Wink We will do all naps in the crib though, I didn't do it at first with DS and I regret letting him sleep out around the house and never feeling like I could get anything done that might wake him up.

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Pack n play until they are sleeping through the night/too big and than I'll move them into the nursery. They'll nap in the crib though. The plan will probably change, knowing us!

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With DD she slept beside our bed in a bassinette for the first 6 months because it was easier to just grab her from beside me when she woke to nurse. Then she moved to a crib in her own room because she became a really restless sleeper and it was killing me. I plan to do the same with this one.