sleeping on tummy

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sleeping on tummy

I posted a few days ago that my baby will only take naps if someone is holding him and someone said their baby was the same unless he was on his tummy. So yesterday and today I have been putting my baby down for naps on his tummy and its amazing. He sleeps sooo soundly. I have actually been able to get stuff down around the house.

He has terrible reflux and wakes up frequently at night crying or grunting and groaning. At his 2 month appt im going to talk to his doctor about letting him sleep on his tummy at night.

Does anyone let their baby sleep on their tummy? I am paranoid about it and I feel like I would be up all night checking on him but it seems to be the only way he can sleep without being in pain.

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I was just about to post about this. My mom is real old school and although I have objected she puts Thalia to sleep on her tummy all the time. Thalia sleeps like a rock, it amazes me. But I, like you am so paranoid about it. She would also wake up as soon as you put her down. She also sleeps real well on her side. What gives?

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My son sleeps on his belly and will sleep 6-8 at because of it. I was paranoid at first as well and was waking myself up every 2 hrs to make sure he was ok. I wish my daughter was the same!

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I have a couple of friends who have had to put their babies to sleep on their tummies also because of reflux. It helped/helps them sleep so much better.

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That was me Smile Isaiah sleeps on his tummy during the day but I still can't bring myself to do it at night. Luckily for me at night, when swaddled, he sleeps very well on his back. I started letting my older son belly sleep when he was 4 months old because at that point he could roll so I felt like if he needed to be on his back for whatever reason he could roll himself.

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I think Brandon started sleeping on his tummy around 8-9 months...before that he would only sleep swaddled. My dad hated it but seriously it was the only way he would sleep. Sometimes you have to do what works.

I've experimented with co-sleeping with CJ the last few days during naps and it's gone really well so we might start co-sleeping. At this point we're so desperate for sleep we'll do just about anything.

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I've been too scared to try it, so the only time he sleeps on his tummy is when he sleeps on my chest (not as often now that he's gotten so big!)

I have heard that it helps babies with reflux, and for some babies, it's just the only way they'll sleep. I was a teacher at a mother's day out/preschool before I had DD, and every year we had to go through training on SIDS and they always emphasized only having them sleep on their backs, so I guess it freaked me out!

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I am paranoid about sids so I haven't let him sleep on his belly unless on my chest. Curtis won't let me co sleep either Sad so I am stuck with just 2 hour intervals of sleep

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Kendra will only sleep on her tummy. i tried to hard to do what im told and make her sleep on her back, but it didnt work. i do worry about SIDS after the way the hospital talked, but babies have been sleeping on their tummies for centuries, right? I must say she sleeps for 5-6 hours at a shot most nights, and somtimes 8 hours Biggrin

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Reagan occasionally sleeps on her tummy for nap time. If I change her position after she falls asleep she will automaticly wake up. so if she falls asleep on my chest I let her sleep on her tummy in the PnP and if she falls asleep in my arms then she is on her back. i don't put them on there tummy's at night until they decide to do it on their own. She has started wanting to be swaddled at night so that make the decision easy Wink