Slightly more prepared...

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Slightly more prepared...

Well, after spending 2 miserable days at the cottage (weather was crap, DH not well, 3 undisciplined nephews running wild and sharing a 50 year old bed with a 2 year old) I convinced DH to come home early this morning. We got home around noon, I got the car seat covers stripped (figured if I was doing the infant one I might as well do Hailey's too) and all the gender neutral newborn clothes and receiving blankets into the wash. H went down for a nap, and I slept for over 2 hours (considering I didn't fall asleep till 5:30 am this morning). Got the clothes washed, dried and folded, the big carseats put back together, and made a packing list for the hospital bag and for H's stuff (she's going to my parents when its baby time). Feeling slightly more ready to have a baby in the next 3 weeks. DH still needs to put the cradle together, and his/her room is still an office, but at least if I go into labour tonight the kid will have a clean carseat to ride home in, and won't have to be naked.

H was looking at the infant seat and I told her it for was for her new baby. Later at dinner she said "little baby come out mummy's tummy and sit in there"...DH and I were in shock! We didn't think she understood at all what was going on...goes to show what do we know! She also told me she is going to hold the baby and hug it. Very cute.

Had a mini panic attack as I was folding the little tiny clothes..holy crap we're starting all over. We're going to be the parents to two children very soon. What the heck were we thinking???

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"Roobear" wrote:

What the heck were we thinking???

That's where I am at right now with our now 3 kids. :eek:

I'm glad that you feel more prepared for baby. Having clothes is a GREAT thing. I had to use clothes that my sister brought from her baby girl cause everything I got was too small. :roll: So the day after we got discharged from the hospital, MIL and I were at the store buying her clothes. And now, I find that I don't have anything cool for her to wear and the temperature outside shot back up to the upper 80s. I'd rather NOT cook my baby. :confused:

Take some time over the next few weeks to breath and remember that LOTS of women have done what we are doing and have survived adding another child into the mix. :bigarmhug:

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Yay for being more prepared! It does feel good to have the basics covered, eh?

My DD1 is almost 2 1/2... and she helped me put the infant pads in the carseat last night and adjust the straps. Then she sat there rocking the carseat singing... "Rock, Rock, Rock Baby Selah!"... it was so stinkin' cute. I think these little ones understand more than we give them credit for.

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Yay for being more prepared! In the end you really just need the basics Smile
You'll do fine, I remember feeling the same with #2 and #3 Smile

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I could have written this post 3 weeks ago! I bot to the point where I couldn't stand going to our cabin!

Our DD is 27 months and the comprehension she has about the baby is un believable!

Good job on progress!

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Yay for checking some things off the list!

Too cute about Hailey. I can't wait to see all these big siblings in action!

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Yay for being more prepared. My mom helped me finish organizing the nursery so now I'm feeling pretty good.

I'm sure the transition to two kids won't be too bad.

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Don't be too worried, the transition isn't so bad, trust me. I am going from 3 to 4, and it takes a bit to rework the schedule and such but it happens and after a while you can't imagine it any other way!

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Try going from 3 to 5 :eek:
Actually it hasn't been too bad Dirol