Small Update!

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Small Update!

Well today I'm now 37 weeks, term :yahoo:! I remember when I was worried to get to at least 35 lol. Only 22 days or so till due date, but I don't think I'm going to see it, which is fine.

Bruce and I decided we're going to go ahead with the sweep and my appointment for that is tomorrow afternoon at 2pm! We're really hoping it gets things going, or at least steady enough that he says ok, lets have a baby. We're gonna hang around in the area for a while, maybe go walking in stores or out on the boardwalk if it ends up not raining. I will ask him, if I end up with steady contractions, that don't seem like they're doing anything in terms of progression, what will the plan be if I end up back in. Last year with Hailey, I went in with steady contractions that weren't doing much to progress me, but he came in and broke my water and said I was there, no point sending me home with those steady contractions and risk not making it back. My body likes to do things, however it doesn't always do things to continue progression - my body stinks for having babies LOL. I don't want to leave, end up with steady contractions, then end up having to pack the kids up, drop them off at the inlaws again, go back, possibly get sent home again... :blahblah:. It's frustrating, costly, and even does a number on us emotionally, because everytime we think, oh, maybe this is it, and nope, it's just false. I know I only just hit term today, but you can't help but NOT think it, kwim? So, tomorrow wish me luck that something starts at least while there, and not after I get home same day lol.

Another good thing is... SHE HAS A NAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! :woohoo: Yahoo *jumps up and down... stops... thinks... hmm, jumping jacks are a good way to help things, but that would only make hubby happy LOL* I'm so glad we have a name for her, that was the last major thing we had to do to be ready for her, so now I say, she can come today if she wants, we're all set :D!!

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yay for term!!!! Smile and yay for picking a name! Sending labor vibes your way Smile

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Yay for term and picking a name!!!

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Congrats on both being term and finding the perfect name!!

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Congrats on 37 weeks and picking a name!

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Great news all around!

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hope things go well for you tomorrow. can't wait to hear about it all