Sneezing makes me piddle.

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Sneezing makes me piddle.

Please tell me I'm not alone.

Time to start doing Kegels, eh?

Oh the joys of pregnancy. :roll:

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I haven't had this problem, probably because I had a c-section with DD. One of my best friends had this, though. And not just when she sneezed... when she jumped, ran, coughed, laughed, etc. etc. I think it's totally normal, especially if you've had a previous vaginal delivery.

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I remember having this issue late in pgcy with DD, but not in the meantime between pgcies. And it seems to be worse if my bladder is full.

Disgusting and hilarious at the same time. Wink

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Not alone lol I've been coughing up a storm due to the bronchitis I've had over the last 4 wks and I am soooo tired of it Lol

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You're not alone. I had this problem the other day. I didn't have that problem with Brandon but he weakened all my muscles down there so I'm sure it's going to give me loads of problems the further I progress into this pregnancy.

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Yes, same here. Along with laughing as well. As a matter of fact, happened earlier today!!

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Ditto Smile

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All the time and I am awful at kegels!

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So far I haven't had this, I never had it with my other pregnancy either. I also had a c/s. But when I sneeze, I get those sharp shooting pains (Round ligament maybe?) and can't move for a few moments afterward!

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I notice it but not all the time. It does make me wonder if I am this bad now, how bad will it be at 40 weeks?

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I guess I should be thankful I don't have it yet, and all 3 of my deliveries were vaginal. I am good at kegals though, but I did them way before I ever got pregnant with my first so they are kind of habit for me. I do remember having this issue late in my pregnancy with DS, not all the time but if I had a full bladder and sneezed out of nowhere I'd have a little leakage Lol

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lol i'm right there with ya!!! guess this is the sign its my third...i didnt start tinkling on myself until i was 8-9 months with my other boys. lol!!

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Posts: 497 too! i find myself in my subconsious crossing my legs and sqeezing before i sneeze. LOL