So close to ready

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So close to ready

Im exhausted.

I had to work all weekend (rounding at 3 hospitals, seeing babies for 11 docs) but it was tax-free weekend and I wanted to get things done.


I set up both playpens (1 "travel"/mini one upstairs and the big one w/changer downstairs)

Went to Babies'R'Us and got:

A new bassinette (our old one was a recalled Simplicity 4 in 1...loved it but...not intentionally using a recalled item). It's now set up in our bedroom. Got the Fisher Price Little Lamb one

A bouncy chair (my son's old one was a hand me down and is kaput) - now washed and set up

A bath mat foam thing. Still need a bathTUB, but this'll be good enough until the cord falls off

A floor gym with tummy time prop - washed and set up with all toys attached.

Cleaned up on clothes for both Cassandra and Brayden, as it's tax-free weekend AND BRU had all clearance clothes on sale for $5. (all washed and hung/put up)

Got (and packed) a diaper bag appropriate for DH

Bought a Wubbanub (finally!)

Got nipple shields, ameda gel pads, and reusable breast pads (HATED the paper ones)

I need to dig out my pumps and see what parts need replacing.

Still need to pack a hospital bag for me.

had a couple of good contractions today.

Wish I had more time to sleep. (or that I COULD sleep...stupid SPD + carpal tunnel + microbladder)


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My goodness, what a productive weekend!

Sorry you are uncomfortable though!

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That's awesome. Smile I hope you get some good sleep soon!

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Wow, you were busy! I'm seriously impressed!

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Yay for getting things done! Smile

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Now that's a productive weekend!!! I got absolutely nothing baby related done Lol Today and tomorrow I have big plans to get everything done but we'll see!

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You were busy! I have just lost all my energy to do anything at this point. :confused:

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So that's who stole my energy yesterday!!!! I felt like I could have slept ALL day long! Lol

Quick question... What's a wubbanub?

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That made me tired just reading it Smile you must be nesting! I have no motivation to get anything done right now.

Ditto pp...what's a wubbanub?!

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A Wubbanub is a plush toy that has a Soothie sewn into its mouth. We only use Soothie pacifiers - we love them - but they fall out All. The. Time and there arent good pacifier tethers for them.

Basically, a Wubbanub holds the pacifier in place and (in a newborn) puts a little comforting weight almost like a hand, on the baby's chest.

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Sounds like a very productive weekend. Sorry you're so uncomfortable.

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YOu were busy!!!! I wish I had energy to be that productive :confused: