So done with WAITING

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So done with WAITING

I'm probably really going to be one of the last ones to birth around here, but I'm just done with not knowing when baby is coming. everything has been do different this time around. We don't know exactly when baby is due to begin with, but everything looks like I'm about 37 weeks along.

For three days now, I've been getting what I assume are mild contractions. no timing to them, but quite frequently during the day. And I feel baby move with almost every one. I'm also dropped this time, a week and a half ago, so I really could go any day.

Every night I've gone to bed, I am overheated, nauseous, and really don't feel good at all, thinking I'm in early labor... but nothing happens.

It just seems like it might be it, and then it isn't. I'm getting exhausted of that.

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I'm sorry you are frustrated. I know the waiting game sucks. Hopefully it will happen soon for you.

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Hopefully it will be soon ((HUGS))

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The waiting totally sucks, especially when you're not due until the end of the month. I'm 37 weeks as well, hang in there.

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Get moving girl! I hope you get some relief soon!

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Not knowing exactly when it will all go down is super frustrating! That was the worst part for me. Hang in there!

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I feel the same! Even though I know baby will be coming next Wednesday due to a scheduled c/section...every night I have contractions, like 4 minutes apart for like 3-4 hours, painful, uncomfortable, the other night they were worse than any I have had so far, and I couldn't find anyway to sit or lay or anything to get comfortable they were so close together....and then of course I was not in labor! It is soo annoying to keep getting all the contractions, and think oh maybe this is it...and then oh no its not all the time! Sad