So excited!

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So excited!

Did I get your attention?! Nope, not in labour, but this weekend, our basement is getting drywalled!!!!!!! I can't tell you how exciting this is. We have been renovating this basement for a year, and got stalled when we couldn't get an electrician for 6 months. Now the wiring is done, Dh is insulating tonight and tomorrow, and this weekend my parents are coming to hang drywall and tape and mud. Then literally we have to sand, prime, paint, put in the ceiling and install the carpet, and we will have a HUGE rec room!! Like 39 feet by 12 feet....all our huge furniture that is crammed upstairs will go down there, as well it will be our playroom!!

I was standing in the construction mess downstairs last night..and I could envision it!! No more toys in my living room upstairs...not more huge lazyboy recliner. No more xbox and huge tv....sigh....

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That's wonderful!!! Yay for extra space. Smile We hope to finish our basement one day... can't wait to have the extra room and a quiet space to send the kids to play. Wink

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That is VERY exciting! Woohoo!

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That is some serious nesting!! Wink

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That's awesome. I'm sure it will be great to have all that extra room.