so i have to share

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so i have to share

With all the drama that has happen w my ex the last few months men are the last thing on my mind. But, a few years ago I dated this guy in my army unit. We had known each other for @ 8 yrs or so. At the time due to numerous reasons relating to the army & life we went our separate ways & have talked on rare occasions. By coincidence, he IM'd me on yahoo while I was on vacation at my moms w a new phone number & said give him a call if I was bored. He knew I was pg cause the last time we talked was right after I had found out. Now I was head over heels for this guy since I met him & we have a lot in common, not to mention I think he's adorable. Lol...I bit the bullet & called him one night & we have been talking since then daily almost. Of course I'm not rushing into anything & he knows Jayden is my 1st priority. He had a 6 yr old son from a previous marriage himself. He lives in Columbus so he's @ an hour and a half away which is fine cause like I said the last thing I'm gonna do is get serious with anyone right now. He did make the drive one day when I was in the hospital & stayed for like 4 hours. I thought that was so sweet. Anyway, its nice to have someone to talk to who seems to care. I figure you never know fate has a funny way of twisting itself into life. Oh and he's a cop which I don't mind, my dad doesn't like it cause he was a cop for 30 yrs lol. But at least he has a career & he is still in the army national guard...unlike my so called ex who I'm sure still doesn't have a job.

And tomorrow I'm going to see Josh Turner (country artist) at the fair grounds. hes my favorite singer & I've been trying to see him for 4 yrs. A friend bought me tickets for my baby shower lol. We got seats so even thou I'm not supposed to go out that much I can't pass this up lol.

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Cheryl I am glad you are able to reconnect but please be so careful!!!

Yay for Josh turner!

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I will tell you this - I was in my first year back at college (junior year) after taking a year off when I had sworn off men and vowed to just focus on me and school. That was in August. In October I met dh. You never know what will happen and when. Smile

He sounds like a good, upstanding guy and I'm happy you are taking it slow, especially with Jayden being in the picture.

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I agree be careful only from the perspective of you don't want jayden's dad to accuse you of cheating and be a complete *** about things.

But it is nice to have that connection/friendship too Smile

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I am a true believer that you will always meet someone "special" when you are NOT looking. I had just broke off an engagement in April of 03 and met DH in June of 03. I had sworn that I would take some time for myself and have fun with my gfs. So much for that.

Have fun at the concert and be careful! Take lots of pics if you can.

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I agree that it's good to be cautious about getting into a new relationship, but I think it's great that you've been able to reconnect and have someone to talk to!

Have fun seeing Josh Turner! I actually went to college with him. He was a few years ahead of me and I didn't know him personally, but DH did- they were both in the school of music.

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you deserve someone who cares. even if it's just a friendship for awhile. but sounds like he's a good guy.

btw...i never realized, what part of ohio are you in. cuz columbus is about an hour and half from me too in cincinnati(granite, i know the city in the middle of the state is an hour and a half from alot of places LOL)

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I'm sure you're being cautious, but I'm glad you were able to reconnect. Who knows where things might go...

Enjoy your concert!!!

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Oh YAY!!! I am SOOO HAPPY for you!! That is so nice that you are talking to him again, that IS very nice of him to stay with you in the hospital! I hope it all works out for you! Smile Have a blast at the concert!