So much pee pee!

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So much pee pee!

I change Andrews diaper as close to bedtime as possible and he usually sleeps 10 or 11 hours without eating. When he wakes up he is soaked! His whole bed and everything. Every morning I am stripping the bed. I put those washable waterproof pads down but he rolls around so much they get pushed out of the way. He is already in a big diaper--he wears size 4 which is up to 30lbs I think and he is only 22. Sooo any other suggestions on what to do? I was thinking of buying puppy pee pads but didn't know if those would be safe in his crib.

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I have a friend that struggled with this with her DS. She doubled up on diapers. A better diaper like Huggies or Pampers first and then on top of that a cheap diaper to catch anything that fell out.

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Have you tried the night time diapers? That's what Kelsey wears at night.

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I never found much of a difference with the night time diapers for my son... but doubling up sounds good, especially if you buy a few PUL diaper covers to keep the wetness in. Of course, you'd still need to clean HIM up, but with any luck it would save on the sheets.


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Have you thought about trying a cloth diaper? Worth a try maybe... something like BumGenius with extra hemp inserts may work? Just a thought...

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With my son I had to use the overnight diapers. And to me they did make a difference. We used the Huggies Overnights.

Shay is usually really wet in the mornings, and often leaks all over. I think we will be needing the overnight diapers for her too.

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I would highly suggest overnight diapers...we also use Huggies. They are much more absorbent than the regular diapers. If he's still peeing through those then you probably need to go up a size or maybe try a different brand.

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I have tried overnight diapers before and they didn't seem to help. I am going to try the double diaper thing. THanks for the suggestions!