So much for progress!

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So much for progress!

Though we've narrowed names down to 2 girls and 2 boys, we're not very close to a decision on middle. I just listed out all the first/middle combinations left on the table, and there are about 10 on each list. :eek: Hoping DH will humor me and cross out the ones he doesn't like today, so I can at least feel like we're making progress! I'm not going to the hospital with 20 names to choose from!

Also, I'm not super creative, and we don't have a "theme" for the nursery or anything. For DD, all we did was get coordinated bedding. This time, baby will be sharing a room with big sister, and I have decided that the room needs a fresh coat of paint. Never mind that I have not picked up a paintbrush in 20 years, and have never been the one picking out the colors or prepping the room or whatever.

Yesterday I got some paint color cards (whatever those are called) and had DH look at them. I think we're going to do a light-ish green in there. Green is supposed to be calming, right?

My goal is to paint this weekend. Perhaps I should see if a friend has some paintbrushes/rollers we can use? :biglaugh: This could be interesting!

I also wrote out a packing list for 1) my hospital bag, and 2) DD's overnight bag for Grandma's house. I may start a separate thread about the hospital bag- I think more people will be interested in that.

Ok, I think that's it for now.

Hitting 30 weeks makes me feel like I need to cross SOMEthing off the "Stuff To Do Before Baby Arrives" list, even though we likely have a couple months left.

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You've made more progress on the names front than we have, lol. We're still in the "avoidance" stage. I downloaded a baby names app so I'm going to start making my own list.

We don't do a lot in our nursery either, other than the painted walls and the coordinated bedding. Our bedding has lots of greens and yellows. We chose yellow for our nursery but our changing table has green bins and baskets and a green changing pad cover. I think yellows and greens (the pale kind of course) are very calming and pretty. Rollers are pretty easy to use, I'm sure you'll do a great job!!!

I would definitely be interested in a hospital packing thread. I know I've done it before but with my whacked out "preggo" brain I know I'll forget something important. I want to start packing it soon just in case I have the baby early.

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Ditto on the names list issue. You are much farther than us.

I've been starting my "packing list" today to. I completely forgot about clothes for the boys, though. LOL

I have to find out from MIL if she's going to get a hotel again or if she will just stay with the boys at our house. She's probably getting a hotel so she has a comfy place to sleep.

I also think I need to create a "things left to do before baby comes" list so I can figure out where to start. LOL. I'm not painting the nursery, but I should probably assemble the bed side co-sleeper and empty all the crap that's accumulated in the crib. Lol

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The fact that you have narrowed the name list is progress, whether you think it is or not.

Good for you for tackling the room. I plan to paint this weekend as well!

Janelle started the hospital bag thread!

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Thanks Janelle! I will add my $0.02 there in a minute.

Just gave DH the list of names. He rolled his eyes, but took it. Now we're down to 8 names on each list, and there are a couple I'm not as crazy about. None of them jump out at me as being "the" name, though. One that I was leaning toward just got crossed out. :roll:

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If it makes you feel better you are further than us as far as the name goes and I haven't even thought about a middle name yet Lol I figure once we get the first name we can fairly easily find something that goes with it. Our kids have family names for their middle names so it luckily narrows it down for us. I am hoping to make some real progress on everything else in the next few weeks, but as long as I have my to-do list mostly done by 34 weeks I think I'll be happy

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You're further ahead of me in pretty much all of it... I think I need to make a list of "stuff to do before baby." There are so many things I haven't even thought about yet!

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You are definitely ahead of me in the baby prep department. I am sitting in the baby's room right now..cause its still an office/spare room. Haven't gotten any of the baby stuff out of the storage locker, haven't gotten the swing etc back from friends, haven't even talked about names. I have bought 1 yellow sleep and a pack of newborn diapers.

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you are way ahead of us on the nursery and baby preparation dept. I feel ya on not being close with a middle name. I still need to get a list of what baby needs. :eek: