SO sorry I've been MIA

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SO sorry I've been MIA

First off, I want to congratulate ALL the mommas. I haven't posted since before Kelsey was born so I have not been able to say that. I have lurked here and there (mostly on my phone) and I am SO happy everyone is doing well.

My birth story....I don't really have one. Kelsey was a planned c-section. She was born 9-15-11, weighed 7lbs, 7oz and 20.5". The first month or so was a challenge but everything has worked out and she is doing great. Kesley is now 3 months and I'm guessing around 15lbs and 24.5". She is healthy (except the horrible cold she has now), happy and a true JOY in our life!

I am sorry I have not been posting. Starting today I will be on my computer a little more and will definitely make our board one of my internet stops. I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL holiday!!!

Here are some pictures of my sweet little girl.

9-15-11 Kelsey's Birthday

2 weeks old

1.5 months

2 months

3 months

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She's precious! I also had a planned section and haven't posted much... still board straddling too as my little guy was born in September but I was due in October.

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She is adorable. Hope you can make it around here a little more. I think all of us are a little more scarce these days though.

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She is beautiful I love the pics