So we ended up in the hospital...Long (xp)

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So we ended up in the hospital...Long (xp)

I had asked for suggestions in a pervious thread for helping the babies get over a cold. Well nothing was helping and they were getting worse, their cough sounded very croupy which scared me. Our city has two hospitals but one is only open during the week, with an after hours clinic so we went there instead of the busy ER. Got there, and almost immediately I could tell the doctors werent happy with the babies breathing. They timed them and Brad was breathing 80 bpm and Kaylee 76 bpm, which I guess they hospitalize for over 60 bpm. They diagonosed the babies with a form of bronchitis. They gave them a mist to inhale but it did nothing. So, we were told we were being admitted to the pediatrics at the big hospital, but ofcourse the hospital was slammed and we needed to wait for 2 beds to open up. I wait from 10pm to 12:30am for the beds to open up and for the ambulances to arrive. Made it to the hopsital, sat in the ER to get asset again (breathing hadn't improved) and wait for the rooms to be cleaned. 4am finally rolled around and we made it peds but the babies were on either side of the ward so I got to run back and forth for each baby, while DH drove DD1 to her grandparents 2 hrs away. I think I finally got to get 1 hr of sleep around 6 unitl I was waken up by the nurse to do checks. Forunately, boths babies breathing had improved by the time the doctors did their rounds and they felt ok with letting us go home. We were discharge around 1pm. I now have to shoot a saline drip up their nose to clear their nasal passages when needed (which they hated) but other then that and a lingering cold they are doing awesome.

It did make me realize just how lucky we were. The ward also houses young children with cancer that won't be home for christmas. As upset as I was that they were sick and in the hospital, it could be a lot worse.

And on a strange side note. A couple was a head of us at the clinic with a pair of twin boys that were in NICU with the babies, and they were born only 4 days earlier then mine. Their babies were in for the same problem and admitted to peds as well. Everybody kept saying that thats a once in a life time thing, to have a set of twins, born days apart, be admitted to peds for the same reason! Smile

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Glad to hear they are getting better! Smile

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How scary! I'm so glad they're doing better and you all got to go home!

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Sorry you had to go through that, but I'm so glad that they are on the mend.

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oh poor you. Sad glad they r getting better

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Oh Goodness! What a night! So glad the babies are on the mend.