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Solid fail

I was planning on waiting till May 1st-ish to start solids with Audrey, but the last couple of days she has seemed more interested in us when we are eating, so we decided to start her tonight. Its about a week earlier than I started with Hailey, we delayed starting with her too.

EPIC FAIL. She was so beyond not interested, and when I did manage to get a smidgen of sweet potato past her lips the gagging, coughing, crying and arching out of the chair was pathetic! Tongue thrusting like crazy and general misery. All caught on tape. Evidence of mummy trying to torture the baby!

Oh well...I think we will wait, try again next week!

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Maya does the same things when we try to feed her baby food, yet if we give her something off our plate and she is sitting on our lap she is all for it. DS loved baby food never had a problem with him and eating until now.. he is a very picky eater.

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K LOVES food, most of the time it isn't coming fast enough. B, HATES it, theres only a few things I can get passes his lips and even then he gags. I feed him avocado the other day and he gagged so bad he spit up a large portion of BM. I think with him its more textured food becasue I can get him to eat squash, pears (both their favorite), apples and sweet potatoe. Its so strange for me to have to force food because DD1 LOVED anything you put in front of her.

Hope feeding time gets better.

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CJ was the same way the first few times. It was like I was torturing him. I waited about a week or two before trying again and it went much better that time.

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We started offering Ronan solid food when he hit six months, and he was also completely uninterested. A couple weeks later and he suddenly decided it was the best thing ever. Good luck on your second attempt!

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It took about a month of offering different foods once a day for S to start to eat it. Now, this week, it's like she can't get enough... seriously, we've gone to 3 meals a day and have now fed her avocado, banana, brown rice whole grain baby cereal, sweet potatoes, pears, carrots, prunes, and mangoes. Pears are her favorite! And she loves granny smith apple slices in her mesh feeder. We've even given her a few puffs here and there. She can't get them in her mouth yet, but she can grab them and tries to get them in her mouth, so we kind of help her a bit. My two other kids never took purees, they went straight to solid/finger food at about 9 months, so I'm having fun making all of S's food! Smile