SOOO much pain today!

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SOOO much pain today!

in my hips and pubic bone. the spd crap! yesterday evening i had a fit of rage and adrenaline to go along with it cuz i got mad at one of the cats(pooped in DD's room), so i chased her down, took her the the spot and showed it to her(not so gently) and sent her of her way. after this i realized just how much i shouldn't have done what i did. i felt like my legs were going to split at the pb. over night i woke up almost in tears i think every time i rolled in my sleep. moving around today has been a good 50%harder than normal and my pb area is throbbing just sitting here now and has been all day. I was really close to calling in sick to work and saying DD was sick. but i need that day for leave. DH tries to assure me that it's almost over, but he doesn't get the amount of pain i'm dealing with daily and more so today. i just wish that the doctors took this hip and pb pain seriously and didn't write it off as "normal prego pains" THIS IS NOT NORMAL!!! i'm almost tempted to call my primary care dr and see what they say, but with 3 weeks left it's too late to really do anything about it. but i do wonder if i did do anything bad to the area. probably not, i'm just whining!
thanks for letting me cry

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Sending hugs to you, hope you get some relief Sad

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I'm so sorry that you are in so much pain. I hope you can get some sort of relief.

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I'm so sorry! I had the same type of pain after I chased my dog through the neighborhood. Pretty much wanted to die it was so bad. Why are our animals doing this to us?! I hope you feel better!

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I am so sorry you are in pain Sad i have a cat doing the same thing. It;s on my last nerve

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Ouch..I hope you get some relief soon. I strained the ligament between the two parts of the pubic bone. It was horribly painful! I felt like my pelvis was going to split in half. The only think they told me to do was to rest as much as possible and take some Tylenol. It only took a day or so to start feeling better. Rolling in bed brang tears to my eyes!

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aww sorry chica. Sad I feel the same, every time I tell my midwives about a pain I am having, I feel like their thinking "DUH! Just a normal pregnancy side effect!" lol. it sucks. oh well we don't have much longer now. Smile

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I have severe SPD... the doctors take it seriously here. My ligament has actually separated and the pain is BAD I know. They can fix it with surgery but the recovery time is horrible and by then the baby will be born and it usually goes away once baby is out. Your pelvis will come back together once the weight of the baby and hormones go away. I'm on modified bedrest, they are most likely going to induce me in a few weeks because it's so bad and I most likely won't be walking soon as I'm almost couldn't get out of bed this morning.

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I can relate to the pain, I have bad pain down there too and I think it's because she's favouring the left side. It's worse on the left, but still painful and horrible on the right. Stretching my legs out, rolling over, going up/down the stairs etc is a task. We went shopping in walmart tonight and omg, I can already tell I'm gonna hurt like hell tomorrow morning. I dunno what I'm gonna do if it gets too bad, going up/down the stairs is a chore but when I need to carry a 15 month old up/down them, it's super slow going and oh so painful - more so going up. Not sure if my delivering Dr would induce for that reason, though he might if I really talked to him. :confused:

I too hate when you mention something and all they say is oh, that's normal, or, in my case, you haven't gotten back to 'normal' yet so it's gonna be bad. Well, uh , sure thanks but what can I TRY to help it not be so bad? I get it's normal :blahblah: but come on help me out here lol.

Hang in there, the home stretch is soon and many of us can totally relate to what you're going through!

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:bigarmhug: I have some awful pubic pain this time too, mine is in my pubic bone and tailbone though, I think maybe I overdid it yesterday but I just want to cry with each step!

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Yes, I have this too! Hence part of my whiny post the other day. I have just decided that I am going to take Tylenol everyday as needed. i just cant deal with it anymore and I hate been miserable like that. I hope you find relief soon!

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Hope you are feeling better today. I know it's very uncomfortable.

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:bigarmhug: Sorry things have been so rough. I've been having similar pain when I overdo it but I just keep telling myself it's almost over.