Sorry lurking more than posting...

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Sorry lurking more than posting...

My laptop died about two weeks ago. DH tried to fix it himself and got nowhere so we are having to ship it back to the company to get it fixed. So, I will probably be without it for 2 more weeks. I can use DH's laptop a bit when he is at work, but it's in the office attached to a second screen and the printer so I can't carry it around the house with me. Makes for much less screen time. I've been reading/lurking on my phone, but posting a lot is a hassle. Sorry girls. My parents come next Monday for a week visit, so I'll be off when they are here as well. Looks like it will be after Thanksgiving before I can posting more again.

Sounds like everyone is doing fairly well. Can't believe most of our babies reaching the two month mark!

Selah is doing well. She is now sleeping a 6 hour stretch at first most nights. Yay for good sleep. My other two didn't sleep that long until they were about 9 months old! She's also growing a ton. I packed up all her newborn clothes this weekend and put them down in the basement... so sad, but she had been out of them for a couple of weeks already. I hate that she is growing so fast.

But, she is smiling at all of us all the time now. The bigs love to sit and shake a rattle or talk to her. I hear "she's smiling at me!" and "she's smiling at you!" multiple times a day. We dug out the playgym this weekend and put her on the mat. She loves the star that plays music with lights. She'll smile and talk to it as it plays. So fun to see her start interacting with us and her environment. Smile

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Glad everything is going well! Sometimes a little less screen time is a good thing Smile Come back and post when you can!

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Glad you guys are doing well Smile

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hope your laptop gets fixed soon
Glad you guys are doing well

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Glad you're doing well. Baby smiles are the best!