Sorry for my MIA status

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Sorry for my MIA status

I have been so busy since going back to work. I can't seem to spread my time accordingly. My house is a wreck. My laundry is piled up. I feel like I barely see my husband. I have grown to hate my job. Working at a hospital, there's really no way around working on the holidays. Due to being out on maternity leave when everyone was signing up for what they wanted to work, I got totally SCREWED this year. I always work Thanksgiving and always request off for Black Friday. I am scheduled to work Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and CHRISTMAS DAY! I'm going to miss my baby's first Christmas. No one will split the shift with me or trade. I am extremely devastated. I did ask management about it. She said that there's nothing that she can do about it since the schedule is out. I would have to split it or trade with someone. She also said that we would be drawing to see who could get low census to stay home, so I could hope that I get it on one of them! She said I didn't turn in my request off for that Friday in time to get off. I WAS ON MATERNITY LEAVE!!! I was looking for a new job before I went out, and I'm really searching hard now. I can't believe she was so uncaring about it. All I can say is, I hope she has a good time with her family on both holidays while I'm missing both of them. I'm the only one on the whole unit that got scheduled for both of those holidays. I've thought about going over her head to her boss, but I think it will do more harm than good.

But, the moral of this post is that I hope I can be around more soon. I am getting on frequently and reading posts, I just don't have time to reply when I'm getting home so late. DH and I have pretty much working opposite schedules so we are spending as much time together as we can when we can. Due to scheduling conflicts, we aren't going to be able to celebrate our anniversary this year either. I'm really hating my job! Hoping that God will lead me in the direction of what he wants me to do. I'm just waiting!

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Ugh, that sucks about having to work both Tgiving and Christmas! On my unit, we're supposed to work every other holiday out of the six they recognize (and then switch the next year), but the scheduler doesn't really pay attention to who works when, so we could potentially be scheduled the same way you were. Do you not have a way to submit requests online?

I would totally split a shift with you if I worked there!

I'm sorry everything is so crazy chaotic. Hopefully you all settle into a routine soon that allows for some breathing room!

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Welcome back! I hope things sort out for you really quickly.

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This is why I dont work in the hospital! I decided that when I had kids I would make it so I could be there for my kids. I worked for an MD's office for 7 years and now I am doing case management nursing for UHC and I work from home. We are closed for holidays and usually I can get off whenever I need too. Oh and thankfully a great friend told me when I was out on leave that we need to request our holidays etc... so I will be off Mon/Tues after Christmas Smile
Sorry that you got screwed over, but I hope that you will be able to find something else soon!

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:bigarmhug: Sorry about work, hope you can find something else soon!

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I was kind of on the opposite end when I was working retail. My manager gave me Thanksgiving and Christmas off without me asking and scheduled some of the college students who wanted to go home for them. She did this because "You have kids, so it's more important for you to be there" I didn't think that was fair at all!

I'm sorry you got hosed this year. They should have reminded you when to turn in your requests. Sad

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That sucks that you got so screwed. I had to work x-mas last year which totally sucked (I was on call and had to 4 days by myself, makes for a long day!) and I didn't have a new born at home. Hope you can get it worked out.

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I'm so sorry! I hope you have good luck finding a new job that allows you to spend more time with your family!

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Welcome Back!!

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I'm sorry about work Melissa. I hope you are able to find something else.