Spinal/Epi Question

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Spinal/Epi Question

Ok my first son was an emergency csection cause I failed to progress and they put me to sleep... Second son was scheduled and I was also put to sleep.. This time I'd like to be awake so I can see Kyan as soon as he's born. Not a couple hrs later...

Which one of these would you recommend? I am so scared about getting it cause I'm scared it won't work! I want the most potent cause I'm scared to death of being cut on while awake... I've woken up during surgery before and it's non to pleasant... (Was having plastic/reconstructive surgery and woke up during)

So let me know your thoughts on which one I should do.. Or if I should just do what I'm use to.

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Did they try either with your second son?
I had an epidural placed with my first birth but it didn't 'take' so I don't feel like I have much for personal experience. I have heard that people and drs tend to prefer spinals for csections. Not sure on the exact reasons but it's definitely something to bring up at your next appointment. Especially if they tried one or the other with your other kids and they didn't work.

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I'm really surprised that they put you under general anesthesia for a scheduled c-section. That's really not normal at all. That's usually reserved for emergencies where they have to get the baby out so quickly that the spinal/epidural doesn't have time to work.

Anyway, I would talk to your doctor about it, because some hospitals prefer to use one or other (not that you couldn't request one, but it might be helpful to know what their preference is and why). I could be wrong on this, but from what I've read spinals are becoming more prevalent. I think they tend to be a little stronger than an epidural. But, I'm not a medical professional and I haven't ever had a spinal (I was under general anesthesia too for my c-section). This is just based on what I've read recently and talking to a couple of friends who have had both.

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*lurk from oct*

With my first I was induced so I had an epidural for her c-section.
My second was a scheduled c-section and I had a spinal. My hospital prefers to do spinals for scheduled c-sections because they work better.

I loooooooooooved my spinal. I didn't have problems with my epidural, but I far preferred the spinal. With my epidural I could feel stuff (not pain though) and could move my legs. With my spinal it was totally numb/couldn't move anything.

It also seemed to take them about the same time to wear off.

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I had a spinal with my c-section. It was great! With my spinal, they injected duramorph (long acting morphine) and it controlled my pain very well. If they don't use a med like that with the spinal, you would likely have a pain pump that you control yourself.

I would find out why you were put to sleep with your scheduled section. Seems crazy that they would do that without trying a spinal or something first. A spinal is much safer for the baby.

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I was also surpried they out you under for a scheduled section...

I didn't have an epi or a spinal with DD but I had a spinal for double knee surgery and the recovery was a piece of cake. I heard you can get really bad headaches from epi's

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I had the epi with my daughter and it was fine, I didn't feel anything. The only side effect was that both my daughter and I had a fever after she was born because I had the epi for too long.

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I am also surprised that they put you under for a scheduled c-section.

For my c-section I had a spinal. They got it in on the first try, and it didn't hurt at all. I didn't feel anything before they took him out but once they got him out I started feeling this pain in my back so I asked for a little pain medication. Whatever they gave me knocked me out (it wasn't supposed to) and I was super groggy when I finally woke up. If I have to have another c-section I will go with the spinal again and try not to ask for any more medication, lol.

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It was per my request and they know my anxiety history and so forth.. I'm going to be delivering at a diff hospital this time and just want to try something diff since this is the last ever baby for me!

TY for the insight girls, I'm going to prolly go with the spinal. Although it'll probably freak me out cause I won't be able to feel my legs, During the surgery I DOUBT I WOULD WANT TO! LOL