Starting to figure this kid out

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Starting to figure this kid out

So since this is my first pregnancy the whole what am I feeling down there is like a foreign country, but I think I am starting to figure him out a bit. I was laying in bed last night and he really doesn't move that much which I hope is good so he'll maybe sleep thru the night. But I keep having horrible pain in my groin. Last night I pushed a decent amount and actually could feel his foot and he moved it off my bladder. Up till now I just thought it was still swollen a lot...boy was I wrong. I also notice that after I eat he must relax and that's the first place his foot goes right down to the bladder.

I know this sounds kind of crazy but in a stupid first time pregnant way I'm excited! LOL:yahoo:

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It's fun to start figuring out their little personalities before they're even born! I have a theory that the times of day/night that they're most active when you're pregnant with them are the times when they're most likely to be awake when they're born. It was true with DD and several of my friends' babies. DD was active during the day and quiet at night, and she never had her days and nights mixed up. This one is making me nervous because he likes to party at night! Lol! But other than that, so far I'm thinking he's going to be more laid back than his sister... which is probably a good thing for my sanity ;-).

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It is neat how they have their own personalities in there. This baby is definitely more active in the evenings so far, but there's plenty of time for him/her to change that.

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YAY for feeling baby legs!

Im so jealous LOL

My tummy vibrates in the afternoons and int he evening after i eat. Thanks to my anterior placenta, all i FEEL really is the every once in a blue moon kick low, but i feel kicks to cervix all the time.

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Mine loves hanging out near my bladder and kicking or punching it. He finds this especially fun when I have a full bladder.

Yay for figuring the little one out. Its always fun!

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It's exciting even when it's not your 1st Smile I love slowly discovering each child's own little personality. I think this little guy is going to be very laid back, thank goodness! Judging by his movements and how he was during the ultrasound he just seems to lay back and relax. He does like to move around after I eat, and when I am sitting with my legs pressed against my belly or when I lay on my belly so I don't think he likes being confined. He is more active at night when I lay down and in the morning as I'm waking up...but DS was too and he didn't ever have his days/nights mixed up so I'm hoping for the same Lol Though I'm really hoping this LO will sleep better than my last two (neither slept more than 3 hours at a time until they were about a year old).
Judging by the u/s I don't think he'll look like my middle two either, if anything he looks more like my oldest did on the ultrasound and I think he'll have hair. Exciting Biggrin

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All these stories are so cool. I cant wait to find out how he's gonna be when he's born.