Stupid people vent

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Stupid people vent

I went out with some work friends tonight to celebrate a birthday. Very busy restaurant. I was brave, and had Audrey's sleeve rolled up on her little arm. There was a table behind us of 8 young (early-mid twenties?) people, and two of the guys were completely turned around in their chairs and craning their necks to stare at her.

It really pissed me off/upset me. I don't have a problem if you look. She looks different, I get it. But have some tact at least. Ask me about it if you want to know something. But to blatantly ogle my baby really rubbed me the wrong way.

I know she's going to get stares her whole life. This is just the first time I've experienced it in such a manner. I didn't expect it to affect me the way it did. Made me want to run away with her and shield her from everything that is to come.

On a happy note, she laughed tonight for the first time!

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:bigarmhug:I am sorry that happened. Some people, well a lot of people, are just ignorant and rude. I just saw your post with pictures and she is absolutely adorable!!!

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im sorry! i bet they were more curious that trying to be rude, but still. i would be upset too. Did you say something to them Wink

and yes, i dont know if i commented on your other thread or not, been busy...but i agree, she is absolutely adorable!

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some ppl are rediculous...sorry you have to go through this....and I agree, absolutely adoreable Smile

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I'm sorry. We go through the same thing with my nephew. I'll have to post some pics of him. He's the sweetest kid with some big problems.

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I am sorry u had to go thru that some pple don't realize how cruel their looks and stares can be.
Hugs to u

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Thanks guys. I didn't say anything, and I really didn't know what to do. I talked to DH about it, and he surprised me, he said as long as people are just looking you don't do anything. If they point, laugh, or are saying things we can hear, then you say something. I thought for sure he would be the one to go all papa bear on someone!

I worry about teaching Audrey how to deal with it. She shouldn't have to put up with rudeness, but at the same time why make a situation worse or more embarrassing by making a big deal over something that doesn't need to be? Teaching self-esteem to our kids is tough!

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I'm sorry... that had to have been rough. Not sure what I would have done, had I been in your shoes.

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Some people are just so rude and ignorant. Try not to let it bother you! I saw some pictures you posted of her and she is a doll! But if you dont mind, what exactly happened? I'm not sure I have ever heard the story.

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I don't mind Alyssa. Long story short, the lower half of her right arm never developed. We found out at 12 weeks, and did loads of testing to see if there was anything else going on, and it seems to be an isolated incident. Audrey completely healthy. She has great movement of the little arm, and good muscle mass. She will be fitted for her first prosthesis in Feb/March.

See! I would rather they had just asked! LOL

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I'm so sorry! I hope you and DH can come up with a good plan for teaching her how to deal with it as she grows up. That would be scary for me too. I love the pictures you posted on the other thread- she is such a cutie! And yay for laughing for the first time! That is one of my favorite baby firsts!