Stupid walmart pharmacy

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Stupid walmart pharmacy

When I dropped off my Rx around 12:15 or so, they told me it would be about 2 hrs. Hurting like I was, I told them I would come back later for it. My FIL was in town and stopped to get it for me about 2:30 and they informed him that they were out and wouldn't have anymore until tomorrow. They couldn't have told me this when I dropped it off or when I called to see how much longer it would be???? So, he got the Rx back from them and took it to Walgreens. I'm so irritated!!!!

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That sucks. Anytime I have had a prescription filled they have always checked to make sure they have it first. Hopefully Walgreens will work out better for you.

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Oooh I HATE that! I won't use Wal-Mart anymore cause of that same stupid thing. grr.

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I used to work in a pharmacy. Sometimes we just didn't know until we pull the pills off the shelf if we are all out. 2 hr wait is ridiculous though!

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I stopped going to Walmart pharmacy when I needed my zofran refill and it was going to take 2 days to get it in(weather related). 2 days later? They said it would be another week. yeah, no. Walgreens has NEVER been a problem for me.