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Next month my family and I are going away for the weekend. We are staying in a hotel with an indoor pool. Do you think it is safe/ok to let a 6 month old swim in an indoor hotel pool? Also, what type of swimming diapers do you use? I was looking at reusable ones but it said they do not hold pee in, only poop. Do the disposable ones hold pee in? Can anyone recommend a good one?

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There are disposable swim diapers out there- I know Huggies makes some, but I'm sure there are other brands too.

As long as you are holding on to him tightly, I'm sure he'd have a blast! I say go for it!

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Go for it! As long as it looks clean lol.

NO swim diaper holds in pee, so don't worry about that. Go with a reusable, they are much better at holding in the poop, and better for the environment. Some pools in my city have a ban on disposable swim diapers.

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We used to take Brandon into the pool when he was a baby...he loved it. I agree about the swim diapers, they don't hold pee, but we used Little Swimmers. I don't know how well they worked because he never pooped in them though...

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I had DD1 in swimming lessons at this age and just put disposable huggies swimmers on her. If the pool looks clean, go for it.

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We took Maya to Great Wolf Lodge 2 weekends ago.. She had a blast splashing and playing in the water. We used Huggies brand swim diapers. She did have 2 BMs in the swim diapers and it held it in.

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As the other ladies have said, no swim diaper holds in pee... I LOVE our cloth/reusable swim diapers... Bummis brands.


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I love bummis!!!