Swollen feet that kinda hurt

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Swollen feet that kinda hurt

I've heard of elevating your feet (above your head?) what else can we do for relief? I know, drink lots of water and cut back salt (which I already am) how high do we elevate and what other things have worked? Is it too early for swelling?

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Never too early for swollen feet. Wink

Personally, I'm lucky enough to not have it and if I do I don't realize it. So I really have no advice on how to combat it.


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Mine have swelled a few times. Just propping your feet up on a stool.should help. My doctor also told me to do exercises rolling my ankles, pointing my toes up then down etc everytime I sat down.

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A stool actually isn't enough (I was surprised to hear that). For elevation to work it has to be above your heart. So you could lay flat in bed (probably on your side) with pillows under your feet.

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Eat watermelon!

Soak them in epson salt!

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This time I've been pretty lucky with swelling but last time it was just awful. I used to come home from work and my feet would be swollen over the tops of my work shoes. When it used to get really bad I would come home and lay down the couch and prop my feet up with pillows.

This time I am just trying to stay off my feet as much as possible and not be on my feet for too long without rest. Oh and the flip flops help too. It seems like it's working since I haven't had much swelling.

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not too early for swelling. i have really bad swelling this time. they key is as pp said is to elevate about your heart. other relief i'm not really sure. just be careful if you message them. there are pressure points in the feet that can cause contractions

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The ladies have pretty much covered it all I have no advice that is any diffrent.. but hope u get some relief soon!! I sleep with 2 pillows under my feet at nite.