Target shopping overboard!!!!!!

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Target shopping overboard!!!!!!

So, I got a $75 gift card at my shower yesterday so I decided I wanted to go spend it. I also had a couple other gift cards that totaled like $30 or so. I got a ton of stuff that I still needed and still had to pay $70 out of my checking acct. But, I got a changing pad for the changing table, changing pad cover, extra crib sheet, mattress protector, playpen sheets, drying rack, dishwasher thing, pacifiers, a few bottles, some more socks, then a few other little extras. I am going to wash like crazy tomorrow while I'm off to get all of it done and put away. That way, all I have to do is pack a bag and just wait! I have 5 wks until my c/s!!!!!!!!!!!!! DH isn't so excited about my shopping trip but there's only a few more items that I need now and they are small. I just wanted to share my excitement!

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I received a nice gift card to Target too- two of them Smile I picked up some odds and ends, but my favorite were the Lilypads- I didn't realize they now sold them in stores! That and Boudreaux's butt paste or cream or whatever Smile

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Good for you!!! Shopping for baby is so much fun! and your DH will get over what you spent

We are hoing to finish our shopping on sunday. i need the stroll, changing pad kit, bottles, a few things for the nurersy walls (LOL) and then its all stuff that i need for the hospital and breast feeding.

We are all so close to holding our babies! Yahoo

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woo hoo! I love Target!

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Good job!

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Nice. I love Target. I haven't bought too much for baby there though, that I reserve for BRU, lol.

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Yes, I love Target too! We bought some small items there just this past weekend! Biggrin

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nice !!! shopping for baby is sooo much fun Smile