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I have two question, first is the past few nights at bedtime Andrew has screamed bloody murder. All day he seems a little fussy and tired but not too bad but at bedtime he has his hands in his mouth and screams like nothing I have heard before. He screams for about an hour until he just gets so tired he passes out. Tylenol doesn't seem to help. For months he has all the signs of teething but this is the mist extreme. Has anyone else experienced this?

Second thing is, Andrew does not roll at all, not stomache to back or vice versa. Just within the past week he has learned to roll on his side? Anyone elses babies still not rolling?

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I don't know the answer to the first part, but as far as rolling, Jacob does NOT roll when we're watching, ever. I know he can do both belly to back, and back to belly, as he does it in his crib all the time, but he doesn't do it during the day. So you never know, Andrew might just be hiding it from you like Jacob does from me Smile

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Brad is thr furthest thing from a fussy baby and when his teeth were coming in he was constantly fussing. When they finally broke through he was so much better. He teethed for about a month before but Kaylee is still teething and no sign of teeth.

As for rolling, brad can roll both ways but always accidental. He usually get mad about it! He keeps rolling from his tummy to back in his sleep which wakes him up and then I have to nurse him back to sleep. Kaylee can only go from her tummy to back and again she doesn't mean to!

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I've been thinking Vanessa is teething since early December. Her gums are all bulgy, I can see the tops of the bottom 2 just under the gums and she is chewing on everything. So far nothing. No advice other than to try different things to settle him and hope one works.

Rolling..... She has rolled 8 times tummy to back on January but not at all on February
. And most of those happened on one of two days! I'm still not sure if it was on purpose or accidential. DD1 started rolling consistently at 6 months. I'm not worried until we reach 7-8 months (adjusted) with no more rolling.

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Kesler has 2 teeth thru and for the first month he screamed blood murder and it was different than his colic cry If u know what I mean. I hope u get sum relief soon. Also kesler doesn't roll he tries but not there yet he is 5 mths on the 27 th

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I think their teeth hurt more at night because they have less distractions. Let him chew on a frozen washrag. Have you tried hylands teething tablets?
Rolling, Selah rolls both ways, but my DS didn't roll until 7 months. I say you have nothing to worry about yet.

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Isaiah is teething too, he's definitely fussy but more so at night for sure. As far as rolling, he can roll but he very rarely does. Especially now that he's sitting, he's not on his back or belly often at all anymore.