Thank you indianajones! :)

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Thank you indianajones! :)

Emily... we got our swap gift in the mail today. The littles were super-excited to help me open it. Thank you so much! I love, love, love the two onesies... and the moose is great too. Did you know DH's parents are from Alaska? We actually looked at that toy this weekend, but didn't buy it. Good thing! Wink

Cute little note Emily's daughter helped her write.

Moose toy.

Onesies. Smile Perfect zebra outfits!

Cute little photo holder.

Everything together.

Thank you!

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so cute! my MIL went to alaska when DD was a baby and brought home that same moose. it's one of the toys she keeps at her place. it's put away i'm sure it will get pulled back out soon Smile

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You're welcome! DD had so much fun writing the note, and we loved shopping!

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aww cute stuff!! I wish I would have joined in the gift exchange! LOL But I was being lazy and didn't join. =/

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So cute! I love the note!

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aww too cute!!! luv the moose!!!!