Thank you Lori!!!!

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Thank you Lori!!!!

My exchange gift came Saturday night! This is the first time I've been online since then, so here's a picture:


Thank you so much Lori! I can't believe you hand painted the letters! SO cute! And perfect because I don't have anything to hang on the nursery walls yet! Please tell Jocelyn that I love the shoes... and so does my DD! She asked to wear "Baby Brother's monkey shoes" and I had to try and explain that they are MUCH too small for her! Lol! I definitely needed to restock on that particular variety of pacifiers as well (I have apparently lost the ones I had for DD) so that is perfect! Thanks again!!!

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What a cute gift! The letters are super cute!

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Very cute!!!

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Too cute

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Very cute!!

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looks great!!!! and very cute!!! Smile

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Very cute!

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That's great!

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What a great gift! Cute letters and I love the monkey shoes! Smile

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you're very welcome. before i found out your name i was almost willing to do ronan anyway and then tell you you decided different i would re do it for you Smile

While shopping DD kept saying "is you're friends baby having a birthday?" told her he wasn't born yet just like her baby sister hasn't been born. she is still talking about the baby boy she bought the shoes for Smile

i hope the colors work in the nursery! and those are the paci's DD loved so that's why i got those Smile

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That is too cute about your daughter and the shoes! Catie was IN LOVE with them when she saw them... so apparently they pass the big sister test ;-). The colors on the letters work great in the nursery! Catie loved that kind of paci too- it was the only one she'd take for the first couple months.

So here's the funny thing about the name: for months I have been trying to get more name suggestions out of DH (he usually just likes to veto mine). So after I asked him if we could finalize the name (so I could answer your question via Melissa), he says yes... then he starts suggesting names! Lol! I told him it's too late now!

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Love it!

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Very neat!!! Love it!