Thanks, Kat! (cherrykitten)

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Thanks, Kat! (cherrykitten)

UPS dropped off a package for me this afternoon: a Moby wrap!

I've been lusting over these for months (ok, years!) and am so excited to be the proud owner of my very own wrap!

Do you think DD will mind if I borrow one of her dolls to practice with? :biglaugh:

This is a pic off the website of what it looks like:

Thanks so much!! Stay tuned for potentially comic adventures as I figure out how to use it. Wink

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you lucky girl! I know how much you wanted one! congrats (good job Kat)

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What an awesome gift!!!!

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that's a GREAT gift!

I used a big stuffed teddy bear to try when I was preggo. It didn't go over so well. Wink

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Yeah i'm glad you like it!!!! I love mine and i knew you really wanted one Smile Cant wait to see photos of you using it.

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Thats cool!!! the moby wrap is sooo neat!

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My friend had one and loved it. Hope you love urs as much as she did

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Great gift! And it is definitely comical learning to use it... I can say this from experience ;-).

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What an awesome gift!