Thanks Maelani! ***UPDATE: WITH PIC"

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Thanks Maelani! ***UPDATE: WITH PIC"

i received my package yesterday! Thank you so much!! the outfits are SO cute, and 6-9 months is perfect! i havent had a chance to take a picture yet, but i will try to later on today after DH and i run our errands! brianna went nuts when she saw them Biggrin

this was taking in the nursery. i am waiting to finish it with the shelves and pictures etc before i post pics. but yo can semi see the color in the picture.

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YAY! I wasn't expecting you to get it till Monday, I'm glad you liked it. I had fun shopping for a girl!

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Can't wait to see!

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Can't wait to see pics!!!!

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Oh what a cute gift!! The outfits are super cute!

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So very cute!!!!!

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Adorable! I love the shoes!

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aww soooo cute!!! Biggrin

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cute stuff!! Smile

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Very cute!!!