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Thanksgiving thoughts

Hi Ladies! i know i havent been posting that much lately, honestly, i sometimes feel like i dont belong over here since she was born in August. yeah i know, silly of me to think that but...

i had a rough time last week. ALot of work upsets going on, issues with DH and I, the inability to sleep, among other things and i started get really sad and borderline depressed kinda and i wasnt sure if it was just too much going on at once or if it was a little PPD. DH did apologize for his jerkedness (yes i said jerkedness LOL) and suggested a date night for this past weekend. i didnt get my date night, but we did take off for the day on Saturday with the baby and spent some much needed time with my parents and to my favorite sushi joint for all you can eat sushi. we had fun and im glad we did what we did. honestly, leaving kendra isnt on my list of things i want to do right now anyway. our 10 year anniversary is December 22nd, we are planning a date night then. Plus we have a wedding to go to on New Years Eve...

On to Kendra. She is now 3 months old Sad So we've known for about 2 weeks that she was teething, as she was drooling ALOT and constantly trying to chew on my fingers(did i mention how hard it is trying to keep my hands clean constantly for her to chew on them LOL)as she hasnt really taken to any of teething toys yet. so everyday we look for teeth and cant find any. Yesterday morning, her grandmother, during a quick trip by to see her look at her and immediately noticed her teeth. 2 of them. YIKES!! :eek:

my biological father will be here tomorrow evening to spend Thanksgiving with us. my feeling are torn about this. we have a not so good history which i am trying to put behind me, that is difficult at times. He has been extremely supportive from the moment he found out i was pregnant. He cried is eyes out when my mom told him she was born and he cried when the first time i talked to him after wards and he cried 2 weeks ago wehn he first saw picks of Kendra. i extended the invite to him to come up for a few days so that he can meet kendra, as she is "techncally" his granddaughter. im just nervous about the visit and wanted to get that off my chest.

last night i was going through her clothes that no longer fit her and i pulled out her premie jammies that we bought her after she was born because nothing else fit her. i took them out to kendra who was peacefuly eating and layed the jammies on top of kendra. HOLY SMOKES it is so tiny! it is hard to believe that 3 months ago she was that small!! It seems like just yesterday we were all still waiting for our gender scans. Time is passing much to fast for my liking, but im sure we ALL feel that way!

And lastly, im thankful for so much this thanksgiving, one of the things i am thankful for is all of you. i want to give a big :bigarmhug: to you all and say thanks for listening to me vent, ramble etc. i really dont think i would have made it through the pregnancy without all of you, let alone the last 3 months. i have enjoyed sharing my experiences with you all, and i have really enjoyed reading about all of yours.

So because i know i will be so busy after this....

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you all, wether you will be celebrating it on thursday or not Smile

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:bigarmhug: Hope your visit with your dad goes well!
Wow for the 2 teeth! Time is definitely going too fast, Isaiah will be 3 months next week and was also born in August Smile He's HUGE compared to what he was at birth though, we weighed him last night and he's up to 16.5lbs, sad that my last baby isn't staying a tiny little baby for long!

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I'm thankful for this group, as well!

Wow on teeth already!

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Wow I can't believe she has teeth already. It seems like she's doing really well. I hope things go well for the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

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You are always welcome to post here even though she was born in August! You're still part of the group :-). I hope all goes well with your dad! I think it's really nice that you extended the invitation to him. I'm glad you were able to get out with DH and Kendra and have a nice time. Totally know what you mean about them getting so big- Ronan just looks huge to me! He was in the 80th percentile at his 2 month check up! He and DD were the same birth weight, but at 2 1/2 months, he's the size she was when she was six months old! :eek: I can't believe we're already talking about teething, but I was just thinking earlier today that it probably wouldn't be too much longer (DD also started teething at 3 months, although it took forever for the teeth to come in). Two teeth at a time is rough, but I think in the long run it's better because they just get it over with. DD never had less than 2 teeth come in at one time. Twice she had four come in at once. Okay I'm done rambling now ;-). Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy thanksgiving Laura~
Hope your visit goes well with your dad!!