That's it, I'm packing my hospital bag

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That's it, I'm packing my hospital bag

I've had it on my to do list for a week now!! Come hell or high water I WILL pack my bag today!

The other night I asked DH "Can I have the baby now?" and he replied "NO! And quit asking!" like I was saying "are we there yet" a gazillion times. It was the first time I've actually asked, though. Lol

I need my bag to be ready. I feel like crap and don't want to do it when I'm having contractions. :confused:

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GET ER DONE!!!!!!!! Lol

I went yesterday to get some of the things that you all suggested i may need/want. When hubbie says to me this past weekend "hey honey, you should start packing your bags", thats a good sign i should start packing my bags. Walmart even sells nify little travel organizers taht come with little bottles for your own shampoo/conditioner/body wash etc. i may splurge and get me one! blanket is washed, just to figure out what i am going to wear while im there...and what i need for baby. oy, i guess i will figure out LO

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Laura- they sell just those bottles too, it's by all the travel toothpaste/hand sanitizer/ect stuff. I've seen them at the Dollar Tree too

I wouldn't say it's too early to pack Smile I am planning on packing at 34 weeks, I had my oldest at 34 weeks and my last at 36 weeks so it's probably a good time for me to get it done. I have gotten some things together for it but I still want to go buy a nursing gown or two.

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It's funny I was thinking the exact same thing. Since I am 34 1/2 weeks already. Honestly I haven't been feeling just right today & it sounds weird but the dogs r acting weird. I went to target & picked up the last few things I think I needed. I just have that feeling that I better pack it & get the car seat installed as well. I figure I better listen to my gut.

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With DD, DH insisted that I pack my bag at 35 weeks (actually he wanted me to do it before then, but we compromised). I really didn't want to, because I felt like I still had plenty of time. Of course I then ended up being induced at 41 weeks... and the bag sat there and mocked me for the six weeks in between ;-). This time DH hasn't said a word about it. I have made a list for the bag and started to think about shopping for anything that I need and don't have on hand, but I probably won't pack for awhile yet. I'm behind on stuff I want/need to do before the baby comes, so I'm trying to knock out some other stuff first.

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I plan on starting to pack mine this weekend. I still need to get a few things to put in it though.

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I am planning on get my bag pack very soon! I have my little bathroom bag ready, but I need to pack everything else! I start my NST on the 9th (33wks) and I want everything to be in the van just incase they wont let me go home!
Hey you never know Biggrin

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Last night I even told dh to get the small suit case out of or storage closet so I could get started on that. I need to get to the store and get a couple pairs of comfy shorts, and a few other things too.

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I just packed mine the other day. Smile I told DH where it was located in my closet so he could grab it for me when we're ready to go.

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As soon as I'm getting home I'm packing. Brandon came at 34 weeks and we were completely unprepared. This time we're going to be prepared whether he comes at 34 weeks or 40.

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I think i will add that to my list to get done!!!!! i wanna be organized when "He" makes his appearence altho i still have time!!!

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I'm not packing my bags until the night before my scheduled c-section at 39 weeks. But I only live about 10 minutes or less from the hospital. But I know if I pack it before then it will just be staring at me all the time, saying "ha ha you're still waiting!" LOL

I am 99.9% certain that this baby will not decide to arrive before my c-section date. And if by some miracle she decides to come on her own before then, I can always have my hubby, or my sister, or my parents bring anything I need to the hospital.

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Well, DH was teasing me saying "Honey, you still have 5 weeks left to do that". But I got it mostly done. After I fold more laundry I will have a coming home outfit for me to wear. I'm happy that I started it today, though, cause it made me inspect my pump (gotta bring that with me) and now I have to wash and sanitize anything that can be for it (bottles, boob sucky cones, etc) and I also realized that I need to get nursing pads! :eek: I could have sworn I had a gazillion of those!!! But I couldn't find a single one! :eek:

Since I need to get those, I'm gonna get some fresh travel toiletries as the ones I have will work, they just are not my preferred kind. Other than those, I just need to remember to charge my ipod (I'm using it everyday, so I shouldn't forget to do that) and the camera.

OH!! And don't forget to pack your birth plans, ladies!! I put two copies of mine in there so that I can tape one to the door and give one for my "file".

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i started my bag last night! i have my blanket, shower andpersonal stuff that you all recommended, slippers, pads just in case. i need to get more socks and undies and get them washed yet. i bought a jammie set that buttons up the front, purple though not black. Sad but i feel good knowing i finally stared it. i did splurge and got the travel organizer. EVERYTHING fit in it too Smile

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I've set a goal for myself Lol No packing my bag or installing the car seat until everything else is done. I'm hoping that will get me motivated to get everything done in the next week. I'm really hoping I don't have another baby before 36 weeks but I suppose it'd be good to be ready for if I do.

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I'm not anywhere close to starting to pack my bags yet, but I expect to go to 40 weeks so I have lots of time. I'll probably pack around 38 weeks.