Is there any way to make it stop?

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Is there any way to make it stop?

I have been having contractions, uncomfortable, painful ones all day for 2 days! Obviously not enough to make me think "OMG I need to go to the hospital", but my stomach feels like I have a uterus of steel! And seriously I can not live like this for 4 more weeks! I can't function, I can't bend over to help my son get his undies/pants on when he goes potty, etc.

I am already taking Procardia every 8 hours and it is not stopping my contractions at all! In fact they are getting worse, more often, all day as opposed to just mainly the evenings, and more painful.

I do have an OB appt tomorrow, and I will discuss it with her. That and I need to find out what I can take for the awful heartburn/indigestion I have been getting the past few days because I already take a prescription acid reducer (pantoprazole) and everything I read said don't take another acid reducer at the same time. But the meds I am currently on are not enough now I guess. Last night I had to prop my pillows up on the wall and have the pillows off the guest bed on both sides of me plus a pillow between my knees, to be able to somewhat sleep sitting up because the heartburn was so awful!

I really REALLY hate complaining about being pregnant...I am SOOOO thankful to be pregnant, but gosh it was not this hard last time.

Oh and on top of having the contractions, her movement has slowed dramatically today. I keep having to stop and concentrate to feel her when normally, she is kicking/punching me all day.

4 weeks from today is my scheduled c-section...can I just sleep til then?

Ok if you read all that, you deserve a cookie!

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Have you tried to overhydrate yourself with water? Maybe you are dehydrated.

Hope the contractions stop. I can relate and I know it sucks.

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Did you have Early contrax the first time? It totally sucks, I hope you get some answers.

I have had reflux but instead of pain, it makes me nauseous. I was told just over the counter Zantac by my OBbut mine does not seem as bad as yours.

I hope you can get some relief tomorrow!

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I don't think there is much that will stop them, assuming you are hydrated. Mine have been painful at least the last two weeks, this is the first time for that. Normally I don't find my contractions painful until I'm in active labor/ it's a little scary for me, if they are this painful now what will they be like when it's the real deal?! They are waking me up at night and just in general being very inconvenient Lol
When do you stop the procardia? Maybe you'll go into labor when you stop it and won't have to wait for the csection?

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I know with my reflux (I also suffered in college), sometimes it helps to just switch from one med to another. My stomach seems to get used to the med after a while.

I hope the contractions ease up for you.

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As far as water goes, I'm not really sure how I could drink more. I have a cup that I keep with me and am drinking from constantly, I fill it at least once an hour, often more. I don't leave the house without it, so even if I am outside/in the car/shopping/etc, I am still constantly drinking.

I have enough Procardia to last me til Wednesday. My OB originally said to take it til 36 weeks, but I told her I had enough to last a little past 35 weeks, and I didn't want to have to buy a whole refill for 5 days, so she said I could stop then, unless my contractions get worse when I go off of it, and then I need to take more until 36 weeks, though if I have to do that, I want to see if they can just call me in the number of pills I will need so that I don't have 60 pills left over!

With my son I didn't have contractions this early (except for the one time at 28 weeks when I was dehydrated). I started having contractions with him around 38-39 weeks. The last week I was having contractions every 5 minutes even, but not this painful, and they weren't really doing anything (I only got to 1 cm). Although I do think the cervadil would have put me into labor had they left it in longer than half an hour because my contractions started getting harder right after they placed it, but then his heartrate dropped into the 50s and it was removed and we did c/s in the morning. (short version)

I really doubt I will go into labor on my own. I have been having contractions for 2 months and at 31 or 32 weeks when they checked me last I was long and closed, like 2 cm longer than the normal, they said normal was 4 and I was at 6.

As far as the heartburn goes...I am definitely going to talk to my OB tomorrow and see what I can take for that either in combination with my current med, or something different.

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sorry you are in such pain. Sad I would be going crazy! KUP on what your OB says today. Hopefully you can get some relief. oh and I totally understand with the heartburn, my hubby says he can't cuddle me at night because I'm practically sleeping at a 90 degree angle LOL because the heartburn gets so bad I have to almost sleep sitting up. it sucks!

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So sorry that you are going through...and don't feel bad complaining you are having a hard time. I hope the contractions and heart burn let up for you

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I am sorry you are in so much pain and discomfort. I hope the contractions ease up and you are able to find some relief from the heartburn.