These September babies!! (xp)

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These September babies!! (xp)

Are determined to give us all grey hair! I had my 34-week midwife appointment yesterday, and everything seemed fine until she started palpating my belly and realized baby girl is still in breech position. She said I have until 37 weeks for her to turn head down and at that point they're required to consult an ob and start talking c-sec...and I thought I was finally done with that threat! She's suggested going to the chiropracter, and they're going to try to manually massage baby into position next week.
Has anyone else had this experience and have other suggestions?

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My goodness, you can't get a break with the c-sec talk can you!

Heather managed to turn her little guy, she may have some more insight!

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That is so stressful! I have a little acrobat as well, although he has FINALLY decided to go head down (and hopefully stay there).

My little guy was breech for a long time, flipped to head down, and then at 36 weeks (:eek:) flipped back to breech, then back to head down. I would definitely do the chiropractor, and you can check out (if you haven't already). I did the forward leaning inversion exercise from spinning babies 3 times a day, sat on my birth ball as much as possible (as opposed to the couch), and spent a lot of time on my hands and knees (leaning on my birth ball). Swimming is also supposed to be excellent for getting the baby into a better position. I hope the little one flips for you! You still have some time, so try not to worry too much yet!

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Oh Goodness! I hope he flips.... Selah was laying diagonal last time we checked. I have an u/s on Monday just to check her position. I have the same fear that she'll be breech. I also have heard great things about spinning babies and going to a chiropractor. I really hope he flips for you. My OB/midwives also say I have until 37 weeks to get her head down...

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What a trouble causing bunch! Lol I hope you get get that little one to turn head down!

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Go to the chiropractor, but make.sure she is certified in pregnancy. Mine ended up turning 3 babies last month & all went vaginally so it does work. You will probably have to go 3 times a week thou.

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so sorry! I thought you were going to be in the clear now!!!

Try moxibustion through a fertility acupuncturist. It has been studied and proven to turn babies up until 38 weeks. The study sample was small, but the results we statistically significant.

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Oh no, I hope she flips back to head down position before you get to 37 weeks.

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Might sound a little weird, but I'm doing HypnoBirthing classes and my instructor was talking about breech babies last week. They did a study on women whose baby's were breech and performed hypnosis on them for a week straight. 80% of the babies turned! So after you have tried everything and if nothing works, you may want to think about hypnosis. I know it's not for everybody, but just thought I'd suggest it.

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Im sorry to hear that I dont have any advice but hope LO flips back to head down for you b4 37 wks.