They're not "babies" anymore :*( OT

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They're not "babies" anymore :*( OT

Tonight I kissed my twins goodnight for the last time as 1 yr olds. Tomorrow they will be 2. I can't believe my babies, who started out SO TINY will be 2.

Tonight after their baths and haircuts we took one last pic of them before they turn 2. Big sister had to jump in too. Please excuse the ugly couch.

and for comparison, this was the day after Joseph came home from the NICU

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Awwww how cute and wow Joseph was super tiny! Happy Birthday tomorrow guys!!

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aww! how precious! I am misty eyed! Happy Birthday Shayna and Joseph!

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:happybday: Happy Birthday Kiddos :happybday:

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Kristina, he was only 3lbs 10 oz a birth.

Melissa, didn't mean to make you cry. Smile

I should copy and paste what DH wrote the night they were born, after he had come home with Marisa. In fact, I think I will:

o say the last 24 hours has been a whirlwind would be quite the understatement. Let me share from the beginning, which requires going back a couple of days.

Tuesday, 8/25: Katie calls me after her regularly-scheduled appointment. Seems her blood pressure had gone up, and they needed to draw blood and run other tests to gauge better what was going on. The word "pre-eclampsia" gets mentioned. I don't know much, but I know enough to know that a situation with pre-eclampsia is not good. We are told to come back the next day for a Dr's appointment.

At this point, I begin running through scenarios in my head - most of which result in outcomes I do not consider good. For Katie's sake, I keep this to myself, not wanting to add to her stress and worry any more than it already is, especially considering a high blood pressure diagnosis to begin with.

It's a quiet, but pretty thoughtful night at home, punctuated by moments of typical Marisa silliness.

Wednesday, 8/26: First day of Breakfast Club with the youth. I tell some of the older youth that there's a chance we may see the twins show up a bit earlier than the originally-scheduled September 15th. Several get real excited......then there's a more muted reaction of "Oh" when I tell them why. The day seems to take forever to pass on by and I manage to concentrate enough to get some work done. Subconsciously, and with the benefit of hindsight, my mind has me thinking pre-emptively, as I end up doing a lot of prep work for a meeting at church this weekend that I had planned to do on Thursday.

We go to the appointment. Our Dr. is very VERY quiet in the beginning as she looks at some test results and even more ominously looks at the calender. I can sense what's coming, and I am pretty prepared when she says "We have one more test to look at, and if it doesn't show us an improvement in one area, we may need to go ahead and have some babies."

It's what comes next that really bowls me over: I ask what kind of time frame we are potentially looking at, thinking ok, we check in Monday for delivery since I doubt they would schedule us for a weekend delivery.

Oh no, not at all.

"Well, I'll be on call all day tomorrow at the hospital, and I have spaces in the schedule in the afternoon."

We are told that the test results will not come in until Thursday morning, 8:30 at the earliest, and if we do not hear from the Doctor's office by 11:00, to call. I then ask what if the test results do show an improvement, and am told that at this point, we are basically day-to-day.

Great, all these months of waiting, and at such a vital time this close with not just one but TWO lives in the balance, three including Katie, our status is reduced to that of an NFL injury report in midseason......

We ride home, beginning to think of the possibilities and making plans. Phone calls are made to let family and our closest friends know what may be about to happen. We decide to go out for dinner, and naturally, right after ordering our food, Katie gets a voicemail (she didn't hear it ring) from the doctor's office that ends with "Please do not eat or drink anything before you call back and talk to me." Anyone who's ever been involved with pregnancy or surgery before will know what that means.

Katie calls. We're told/advised/recommended to come in that night for delivery, around midnight. This was around 7:30 p.m. I look at my watch, and do some mental calculations. Getting home, rounding up what we needed, taking Marisa out to Lisa who was going to watch her for us while Katie delivered, and getting to the hospital early enough to check in.......beep ka-ching boop ding......we had about an hour and a half to get going.

Fast forward 10 minutes later, after having doggy-bagged our dinners, we're both zipping between rooms and making calls. The sudden surge of energy due to the urgency of the situation and natural physical tiredness at the end of what is typically my longest day of the week render me an emotional wreck, and I start to choke up and blubber when putting Marisa to bed for the night. Katie feels it too, naturally, and we pause when she asks me to hug her.

Katie's phone rings again. Doctor tells us later in the morning (as in crack of dawn Thursday morning) can be an option, to give us a chance to get some sleep.

"GET SOME SLEEP??????????" I want to yell.

In any case, it's quite obviously the better option. After asking the doctor for his opinion as a father what he would do, and hearing him say that trying to get some rest and not rushing ourselves to get there on time would be fine, we decide to go with Thursday morning. We're told the hospital will call us back to confirm what time we need to be there.

The call comes about an hour later. Earliest possible time on the schedule is 3:00 p.m. Thursday afternoon, check in at 1:00.

Ok, we can do this. We try to get some sleep.

Thursday, 8/27: Katie wakes me up at 6:30, asking if I can take care of Marisa because she was unable to sleep well (and who can blame her?). I drag myself out of bed, take Marisa downstairs, change her diaper, feed her breakfast, and put Blue's Clues on. Thank the good Lord above for back-to-back episodes to fill up the hour. I walk around while she watches doing some cleaning up.

At this point, the goal is to put Marisa down for a morning nap around 9:30 for a good hour at least, then take our time getting ready to leave at 11:00. Plenty of time in hand, right? Of course. And I even have time to make a quick Walmart run after Katie wakes up and comes downstairs.

We take Marisa upstairs and lay her down for her nap after giving her a bath. This is just before 10:00 a.m. Katie's phone rings.

Surgery has been bumped up to 2:00 p.m. We need to check in as soon as possible.

Sorry, Marisa. Time to wake up and go. Once again, calls are made, and we're off. Naturally, we forgot a couple of things, which is ok, since I had planned to come home with Marisa tonight anyway. We drop Marisa off at Lisa's, and check in around 11:15.

We get our pre-op room. The pre-op interview is completed and Katie hooked up to monitors and the such. This is when time seems to slow down to a crawl. Then we're told we may be bumped up to 1:00 p.m. I call mom and dad to let them know. This would be about the 4th call to them between last night and this morning.

Mom and dad get to the hospital, and dad proceeds not only somehow to find his way into the employee parking lot, but he also gets an employee of the hospital to assist him in finding a parking space in that lot. And then he decides to walk to Hardee's to get a drink rather than use the vending machine. Why? Because he has a coupon. My father........

But hey, I am nothing if not my father's son, so I cannot say much.

1:55 comes. By this point, my change from a joking, chatty wisecracker a couple of hours previously with nurses and doctors to a subdued, clock-watching, nervous dad has become pretty obvious. Nobody says anything to me about it, but I know what I've become.

2:10 comes, and we hear the words from the nurse. "We're ready."

And so Katie is wheeled into the operating room. Lo and behold, it is the exact same operating room Marisa was delivered in. I wonder if Dr. Haygood had anything to do with this bit of scheduling fortune. I have flashbacks of running down the hall from Katie's labor delivery room the first time around with Marisa.

I suit up. And then wait again as Katie is wheeled in and goes through pre-surgery prep.

I am called in, and the surgery begins.

**STAR WARS GEEK SIDE-NOTE** Dr. Haygood uses a little pen-sized tool that sizzles upon contact with skin, and I make a comment about how that looks like a soldering tool. I'm told that it's a device which cuts and cauterizes at the same time. is a 21st-century version of a flippin' LIGHTSABER!!!!!! **END SIDE-NOTE**

At 3:06 p.m., I see a little girl pulled out. A wailing cry that sounds very very familiar is heard. Shayna has joined us on this earthly plane. Barely three minutes later, I see feet coming out. Seems our other twin wanted to do things a bit differently. I tighten up for a second, as Dr. Haygood has to really cajole him out and I do not see any movement from him.

Never EVER in my life will I ever appreciate a wiggle of an ankle as much as I will appreciate the one I saw from him at that instant. Out he comes, and his eyes are wide open and then he blinks a couple of time. World, Joseph. Joseph, world. You two be nice to each other now.

Things are a lot less rushed and stressful this time in the post-op moments. Katie has a chance to really see and touch both Shayna and Joseph. I am given a crash course (a poor choice of words, I know) in the art of the Twin Hold, and in a matter of minutes, I am on my way with babies in hand to the neonatal nursery.

We walk by the entrance of the waiting room window. In all my 35 years, I have never seen my mother move as fast as she did from her seat to the door to see them. I consider this moment one of the unfortunate ones of the day, as I do not have my video camera running at that moment.

Mom and dad get to see/touch both of them briefly, and in they go. They are weighed, cleaned, and vitals taken. I have to be honest and say that even in those few minutes, I am not very impressed by the cribside manner of the nurses in the nursery, which surprises me given how well things went with Marisa. I suck it up and deal - this is very obviously a busy day for them today, as by 3:30 that afternoon, I come to discover that their delivery count for the day had gone up to almost 25.

The next couple of hours are a blur of phone calls, text messages, finding out about Katie, flitting between one crib and the other, waiting for updates on vitals, taking pictures, filming video, talking to mom and dad, and reminding myself to breathe.

In the midst of all that, I'm told that Joseph is to be sent to the NICU, due to concerns over his size - or lack thereof. I'm not entirely pleased, as this means that Angel Katie won't get to see him at all in his first day, (b) he will be separated from his twin sister right off the bat, (c) it's on a whole different floor, and (d) he will not be able to spend nights with us.

But the flipside of all that is a sobering one, and I know that he is in the best hands possible upstairs. I do get to take mom and dad to see their very first grandson in the NICU while we wait for Katie to get moved into her room. Meanwhile, I also manage to find time to take Shayna for a brief visit with Katie in the C-section recovery suite.

By about 6, I realize something. Katie will be moved into a room on the 3rd floor. Joseph is in the NICU on the 2nd floor. Shayna will remain in the nursery on the 1st floor for now until Katie is up to moving around. I look down at my feet, and then whisper a silent "Thank you" in an upward direction, as I had considered wearing sandals that morning. I'll need the running shoes I have on.

Mom and dad get to visit with Katie, and while walking them out, I somehow contrive to miss my pastor and his wife coming up to Katie's room. They visit for a while, a visit totally unexpected and highly appreciated, as I know he himself has an out-of-town wedding to prepare for this weekend.

Betsy and the nieces come by a little bit later bearing lots of really neat little gifts. The girls are very obviously tickled by just how little Shayna is, but you can just see how quickly all of them have fallen in love with her.

Then little Miss Marisa shows up with Lisa, who has been an absolute angel and Godsend today keeping Marisa. I have to admit that I felt guilty for not calling to have her brought over earlier, but there was simply no way I could have juggled three floors of parenthood while with Marisa. She yells "Mommmmiiiieee!!!" when she walks in the door to Katie's room, and eagerly climbs up onto the bed. She freezes, looks at Shayna, and we remind her that this is her little sister, the one we'd been telling her about in mommy's belly the past couple of months. The one she'd kissed and said her name many times already.

Marisa says "Hi Shayna," and pats her head. A bit over-zealously at first, but then she uses a daddy-assisted softer touch. She even leans in for kisses on cue. I ache because I know she will not get this opportunity with Joseph for at least a few more days.

Marisa and I leave shortly after. Somehow, she has stayed awake pretty much the entire time today, at home, at Lisa's, then at the hospital. Some day it's been for her!

And some day it's been for all of us! Katie is now resting at the hospital, and I really should be heading that way here myself at home.

In fact, I will. Goodnight.

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Happy birthday! They were and are so precious!

I didn't cry when dd turned 1, but I bawled like a baby when she turned 2. For some reason it hit me a lot harder.

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Happy birthday!!! It's wonderful that your DH put everything down into writing. That's something you can treasure forever.

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Happy birthday Shayna and Joseph! How wonderful that you have that written account of their birth! It is hard to see them lose that "baby-ness" and become "big kids!" I hope you have a great day celebrating!

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This is what I thought about my princess when she turned 2! She'll be three this December, and I'm so glad that I have another baby coming because she's such a big girl now... although I still try to hold her like a baby lol!

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Aw Katie, that was beautiful! How wonderful to have your DH's documentation of the days. And happy birthday to your babies! I don't care how old they are.. they will always be our babies! I swear, time goes in warp speed once kids are born. I cannot believe that I just mailed out invitations for my daughter's FOURTH birthday. What?? I feel like I'm going to blink and she'll be packing for college.

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i love the comparison! happy birthday to the twins!

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Aww your kiddos are adorable. Happy birthday to your twins!!!

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Just a couple party pics to share

The cake(no, did not make this cake....)

Blowing out the candles

Shayna's favorite present; Goofy!!!! AKA "FOOFYYYYYYYY"

Joseph's favorite gift: "BAKETBAWLLLLL"

Big sister (by 3 mins) cheering on little brother

Going "nigh night" with Foofy

And just for added cuteness, big sister, Marisa felt it necessary to "practice Tai Chi" before the party

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Your kiddos are too cute! I love the "Thing 1 and Thing 2" cake!

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I love the story from a males poin of view! So unique and endearing.

It is definately hard watching them grow up but I love the older years (not such. Fan of babies). So I celebrate!

Great looking pictures!

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Happy 2nd birthday! I love the cake!!!

Your story brought tears to my eyes because our story is similar in some respects. No pre-e, but S was tiny. So, take home and NICU for us as well. My DH did very similar racing around and was more exhausted than I was after all setted down. My girls will be 2 in 3 months. Hard to believe how far we have all come from those first few days.