Those that feel baby..

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Those that feel baby..

Does your lil one get annoyed w/you if you're on the computer? I've got a laptop and baby doesn't appreciate me playing on it! Cause I rest it against my belly. HAHA It gets highly annoyed with me Biggrin

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Mine doesn't seem to mind, but I do put a pillow in my lab so that my belly/legs don't get too hot!

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LOL I haven't noticed that, but I also have the computer a little lower, more on my lap than on my belly.

However, I notice that if I'm laying on my belly, or if DD is sprawled on top of me, the baby kicks away, like, "Hey sis, get off, will ya?!"

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I remember with DD2 those were some of the first kicks I felt was when I had the laptop on my lap Lol I don't sit with the laptop on my lap now though, it's usually on the arm of the couch, just more comfortable that way

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Mine doesn't seem to mind...I mostly feel movement after a meal or a snack.