Three More Weeks!

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Three More Weeks!

Three Weeks before we find out our LO's gender. I can't wait!! I hope s/he cooperates!

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It is SO exciting!!!! I have an OB appt tmro so I should be scheduling my offical scan tomorrow!!!! I am still looking forward to it and just to make sure that the babies both look healthy!

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Yay...I have mine in about three weeks as well. I'm so ready!!!

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Exciting! I have my anatomy scan 3 weeks from Wednesday, excited to see my little guy again and to make sure everything looks good health-wise with him Biggrin

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Woohoo! If all goes well I should be able to schedule mine for about 4 weeks from now. We can't find out what we're having at the hospital for some stupid reason... they have stupid policys in our small town, everywhere else you can find out. Oh well. I might be able to call and schedule my 3D tomorrow after I have my u/s, but we ran into some van troubles so that's putting us out about 150, which is dipping into other money that we'll have to 'make up' next week when we were supposed to put the 3D u/s money aside. We'll see what I can work out though.

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I am hoping I can make my u/s appointment after my exam tomorrow! i'll be 18 weeks so hopefully sometime in the next 2 weeks! so excited!

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awesome!! Smile