Time to babyproof!

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Time to babyproof!

It always amazes me how mobile a baby can be, even when s/he's a non-crawler!

No matter how many fun, interesting, baby-safe toys I put in reach, my girl will go from sitting to laying or scoot in circles to reach something else more enticing! I know it will be even worse when she starts crawling, but it's crazy how much she can get around already!

Are you mom to a crawler or scooter?

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Ronan is half scooting half crawling at this point. He is surprisingly mobile/fast! Earlier today DD left the door open to the porch and in about 10 seconds he got himself across the room and out the door! Fortunately it was a perfectly safe situation, but it definitely caught me by surprise. Later on I put him in his room with his toys while I helped DD with something, came back two minutes later to find him down the hall in DD's room. How has this happened so fast? Didn't we just have these babies last week? Wink

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I have no idea where the last 7 months have gone. Its so funny because up to about 2 weeks ago, my babes were barely rolling. And now Brad is rolling all over the room and Kaylee has been getting up on her knees and rocking for about a week now. She is trying to coordinate her hands/knees, it'll be no time before she crawls. And then, yesterday (and twice today) I caught Brad on his knees rocking in his crib. I am not ready fro two crawling babies. This is way earlier then DD, she was 9 months before she crawled and then was walking at 10 and 1/2 months. The babes aren't even able to sit up fully on their own and they are trying to master crawling?!

I want my babies back Sad

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CJ is a scooter and he's trying to get the hang of crawling but mostly he just army crawls. He's going to be mobile soon enough though and then we'll be in trouble.

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Selah is a roller... she'll roll clear across the room to get to something she wants.