tired of the sickies! (ot)
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Thread: tired of the sickies! (ot)

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    Default tired of the sickies! (ot)

    I posted on my june 09 board about this too...

    I cannot believe the amount of times this past winter my almost 2 year old has been sick! Really, since she was 6 months for that matter. She was constantly getting ear infections until she had tubes put in at 11 months. Now, we are dealing with congestion, constant drainage from nose that turns into post nasal drip that causing horrible coughing (which turns into gagging/throwing up) Ped. always say it is a virus and it is normal for toddlers to get 10-12 per year. Seriously?? My older daughter never went through this and she was in daycare for the first 3 years of her life. Moriah stays home with me.

    She had allergy testing last year and everything came back negative. Ugh, I am venting more than anything right now, I guess.

    Being pregnant and up with her at night is so utterly exhausting these days!
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    I know how you feel. DD has been sick since November with: strep throat, three ear infections, two stomach bugs, a cold, a sinus infection and eczema. We are hoping to figure out what she is allergic to that is causing the eczema on Thursday. Before November, she had been sick 3 times I think.
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    It's all these weird superbugs going around. I was told part of the problem is people are not actually getting over the bug completely so when something else is exposed its 3x as bad. All my middle school kids.are hacking and coughing again so I'm trying to purell as much as possible and not catch it this time.
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    Brandon got really sick at a little over a year and he continued to get sick, constantly until he was almost three. It's hard because once their little immune systems get compromised, they are much more likely to catch something else. I'm sure it will get better.
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