TMI (Plug)

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TMI (Plug)

Soooo....I just went pee and pulled down my undies and I felt a blob and I looked and there is some of my plug. I've had this happen before with DS1&2 but not this significant of an amount. lol. anyways I wish my memory wasn't so horrible. I can't remember how long it was until labor when I lost my plugs before...anyway...i know it can regenerate and it's probably not a sign he's coming in the next few weeks. but still. Now i'm all curious if its a sign of something. I did a lot of walking today at the fair, I wonder if maybe that's why it came out?

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I lost mine slowly 3 weeks ago when i started to dilate. It can be weeks before u go into labor it just means that ur body is getting ready & you might be slightly dilated.

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Yep, it can regenerate and unless it has blood it in it usually doesn't mean much as far as when you'll go into labor.

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You're probably starting to dialate and all the walking did it. Alot of women walk around with dialation and plug loss for weeks leading up till delivery. You have 3 weeks till you're considered term, so you never know! Just mention it at your next appt and see what your OB has to say about it. It's starting to get exciting in here!!

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I have lost my plug early with both kids. DD I was 32 weeks and saw no other sign of it (she came at 40 + 4)

This one I lost a huge one at 28 weeks with my bleeding (and it had blood) but nothing came out of it. I think I lost a little bit again a couple of weeks ago. It is definately not a sign for me!!!