Today's appointment-29 weeks

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Today's appointment-29 weeks

I PASSED MY 3 HOUR TEST!!!!! My Dr. asked if I felt like I was going to pass out when I left. I told her I felt pretty crappy. Apparently my blood sugar was 33!!!! YIKES. No wonder why I felt so terrible(normal range is in the 60's).

Had the growth scan, and things look great. Somone is estimated at 3lbs 2 oz and the tech got some great pics of her.

My Dr told me to plan not to go any minute past Sept 14th with her. So......there you have it.

I'm now on the every 2 week visit "plan" and I just know that I'll blink and she will be here.

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great pic!!!! sorry about your low blood sugars i have the same trouble and it stinks Sad but yay for 2 wk appts Yahoo

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SO precious!

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Glad you had a good appt.

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aw, too cute! love the hair!

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Great picture! And yay for passing the 3 hour test!

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OMG 33?!?! Dh is type 1 and he rarely gets that low. It is certainly low enough to go into seizures. Be careful now that you know it can get that low, it is scary!

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That picture is absolutely adorable!!
Yay for passing and a good appointment!

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What a great picture!

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Wow look at that pic, it's great!! Sounds like she's definately gonna be here before you know it! Sorry about the sugars but glad all is well!

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Glad you had a good appt. Love the pic. She looks very sweet!

I would keep some peanut butter and crackers with you at all times since your BS got that low. That way when you start feeling bad, you can have a snack to bring it up fast.

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Cute pic. Glad the appt. went well.

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Thanks girls. my sugars are normally fine, that was just the result of the test. I felt awful after the test was over, ate a couple uncrustables and a egg and cheese bagel right afterwards and felt 100% better. I haven't had any issues since then.

Forgot to mention that I gained 3lbs since my last appt. I guess I am making up for the slow gain in the beginning. I'm up 17lbs total. I thik most of it is in my butt though. LOL I always gain weight in my hips and butt. LOL

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Wow! That is an awesome pic! Baby will be here before you know it.