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Toys/Games and Songs

Just curious... what types of toys does your baby seem to like? And what songs/games do you play with your baby?

We got out some rattles this weekend and Selah will smile at them and follow them with her eyes if we hold and shake them for her. Also, I got out a little mirror thing that will hang in her crib, eventually, and have been sitting it on the floor during tummy time/back time. She will just stare into it and then smile now and then at herself.

I love to sing Row, Row, Row your boat with her and "row" her legs. I sing lots of other songs with the big kids throughout the day... so she inadvertently gets them as well because she is always around us.

Has anyone started reading books to their little one?

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When Brad is really mad, I sing Twinkle Twinkle little star and it soothes him. Old McDonald works too! As for toys, the play mat is the only "toy" (if its considered that) that they are playing with and they really enjoy it.

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I haven't really brought out any toys yet. I should I guess Smile He is a lot more interested in the toys on his playmat now, he likes talking to them and batting at them, hasn't started grabbing yet
He loves songs, we sing all sorts "Jesus Loves Me", "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"...we do a lot of nursery rhymes because that's what DS1 is into right now. He loves Bingo too Lol

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I'm not allowed to sing songs to anyone in this house. It's the 2 year old's rule. He screams anytime anyone starts singing. But he's hypocritical, cause HE sings all the time. Lol

Evie has started staring at the hanging toy above her swing, but I took it down to hand to her and she got mad. Lol

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I haven't gotten out any toys (other than some keys that are hanging on the handle of her carseat.. she doesn't pay attention to those 90% of the time).

I'm often holding her when I'm reading with DD1, but I don't specifically read to baby. I do sometimes sing or hum as I'm walking around with her or changing her diaper, etc. She mostly just tolerates my singing :biglaugh: but one song that seems to calm her is "Seek Ye First." Oddly enough, that is the song that calmed DD1 down as well.

Usually it's just whatever song is in my head at the time, whether it's a "classic" like You Are My Sunshine or the theme song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or something made up on the spot about what we're doing.

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"Nell4Him" wrote:

I'm not allowed to sing songs to anyone in this house. It's the 2 year old's rule. He screams anytime anyone starts singing. But he's hypocritical, cause HE sings all the time. Lol


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We sing "Hush little baby" lots except when DD1 sings it she says "Mommy's going to buy you a monkey bird and a dolphin ring" DD2 also likes Patty cake.

No real toys although she has started to notice and hit the toys that hang on her swing and seat.

She gets read to because we read to DD1. I read early to DD1 because I didn't really know what to do with her when she was awake :eek:

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Lol Dani, I still read with DS1 if I don't know what else to do with him.
I don't read specifically to Isaiah at this point but I'm almost always holding him when I'm reading to the other kids Lol Usually a few stories to DS1 throughout the day, the girls both read to me when they get home from school and I do a bedtime story with all the kids at bedtime.

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I read to DD all the time, so Ronan gets included in that. Sometimes when he's hanging out in the boppy I'll prop open a book so he can look at it- he seems to really enjoy that. DD also "reads" to him which is cute/hilarious. Every single page starts out "Once upon a time..."

He LOVES his bouncy seat and the "toys" that are attached to it. He likes to bat at the toys hanging over his activity mat, and he enjoys mobiles, especially the one on his swing.

I sing to the kids all the time, and so does DH. Everything from "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" to James Taylor ;-).

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Skyler reads to kesler and he seems to be intrested in that and he likes anything with lights and bright colours.
Janelle LOL!! skyler gets mad when I sing too.