Trip to L&D

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Trip to L&D

So I ended up in L&D last night. On Wednesday morning I'd noticed that the baby wasn't moving as much as usual, and that the movements he did make didn't feel normal- they were lethargic/sluggish. So I did kick counts all day Wednesday and yesterday. On Wednesday they were okay, although just barely. Yesterday they started to decrease, so I spoke to my FIL (who is an OB) and then the midwife on call. They had me come in to be monitored.

So we packed up DD (it was her bed time) and dropped her at a friend's house on the way. I was pretty sure that everything was going to be okay, but things were feeling just off enough that I wasn't okay with waiting to get checked out until my appointment next week. Of course the baby started kicking on our way to the hospital.

Long story short, the problem was that I was dehydrated. So they monitored me/baby for awhile, and made me drink about a gallon of water. Baby started to perk up as I got some water into me and as they moved me from one position to another. We saw a couple of my Braxton Hicks on the monitor which was kind of interesting- at least now I'm sure that's what they are and I'm not imagining things! They said that because it's been so hot here the last few days (heat index of 115 degrees) they've had a lot of moms coming in with the same thing. It's just really hard to stay on top of hydration when it's that hot. The midwife on call told me to stay inside in the AC until it cools down a bit... not thrilled about that- I was going to go see my horse today. Also DD wants to play outside constantly, so I'm going to have to come up with other things we can do. Anyway, I'm obviously really glad that baby's okay and it was something simple. I'm also kind of glad that there was something going on and I wasn't crazy! I never went in to L&D with my first pregnancy (except when I was actually having the baby).

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Glad everything looked okay with some water! It's hard to keep hydrated while pregnant during the summer, I always know because my contractions pick up big time when I haven't had enough.

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I'm glad it was just dehydration!

I've had to pull out paint, play doh, markers...the whole nine yards lately to keep dd occupied.

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Glad everything's alright! I think in the summer period it's hard to stay on top of drinking tons because we're always so busy doing things outside on the not so hot days that we forget to maybe drink a little extra.

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Glad to hear it was just dehydration. i had the same thing a few weeks back when it was over 100 here too. i bought a sippy water bottle from target for myself and keep it full of ice & water and with me all day. iI've noticed that I'm drinkin about 80oz a day now that i do that :eek: instead of the minimal amount i was getting before. Hope you keep feeling better.

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Glad you're both (all) okay. That water issue is a beast to concur!

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Glad the baby is ok. With the heat I've been trying to stay extra hydrated but it's hard for me to drink that much liquid. Plus it makes me have to pee every five minutes.

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i'm so glad everything is ok, though i must say, i knew that dehydration caused BH, but i didnt know i would decrease the babies movement. i also have been drinking a less than i should (though i try to drink more), now i will force myself.

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So glad that all is OK!

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So happy to hear things are ok. My mw said 10 8-oz cups are good now in the heat. I'm trying to do 12 with the low amnio diagnosis but thank God they said everything looked good at yesterday's BPP sono.

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Lenora- I know what you mean... I feel like I am peeing non-stop today... it's ridiculous!

Laura- I didn't know that it could cause decreased fetal activity either. I knew the other symptoms, but that was a new one for me.

Sonia- that is great news that your fluid is going back up!

I'm pushing the water as hard as I can today. I probably need to pick up some gatorade or something along those lines. But the baby is definitely moving better, so that's a relief. I'm just bummed that I can't spend time outside. We went and played at a friend's house this morning, so that was nice- it got us out of the house (to another air-conditioned place, of course) so that we didn't start climbing the walls! Lol! I worked outside (teaching horseback riding) during the whole miserably hot summer that I was pregnant with DD and didn't have this problem, but I think that because I was outside I was more conscientious about drinking non-stop, and my body was more used to the heat than it is this year, since I've been in the AC a lot.

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Glad it was only being dehydrated. Try to stay hydrated. I'm trying to drink more water since I have been contracting so much this week. Doing alot better with it now! Stay cool!

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Glad everything is okay... I really need to be drinking more water as well. *heads off to fill up a big ole cup of water*

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glad you and baby are ok! I have been to L&D for dehydration too, when I was pregnant with DS2.

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so sorry! i'm glad that's all it was and you weren't so dehydrated to cause concern. it's been hotter here that normal as well

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Glad it was just dehydration. I'm having to push the water as well, I hate drinking water so I have to push it.